Singer Pink Welcomes Willow Sage Hart

By: De De Tillman / La Tray

Source: PopEater

Posted: Saturday June 4, 2011 @ 5:40pm PST

HOLLYWOOD – Singer Pink and hubby Carey Hart welcomes their Pink joy Willow Sage Hart into the world and their Hearts.  Congratulations to the happy couple.  The baby was born in Los Angeles just in time for Father’s Day.  Pink fans are looking forward  to seeing pictures of Willow.  Pink has a striking image of the Late Great Beautiful Florence Ballard of  The Supremes.

3 thoughts on “Singer Pink Welcomes Willow Sage Hart

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  2. Thanks for this update. I have been searching the web for info regarding her baby. I knew she had to be due soon. i absolutely love her rebellious ways and how she puts them to music. Did you know that P!nk uses the ! instead of the i in pink? I’m glad it was with her husband. Now that this is over, maybe we will get a new CD from her.

    1. Hello Room 147, I look forward to your comments. You are such a delight. That’s good she puts the ! in her name, it stands out. I agree with you about P!nk having her baby by her husband and yes she is overdue for a new CD. G!rl can blow… lol

      De De

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