De De Tillman “Adopt A School Program”

Many children go to school hungry,  old clothes and no school supplies etc simply because their family cannot afford it… I have come up with a program called “De De Tillman, “Adopt A School program”  With this program I would love for everyone to adopt a school and donate school supplies,   it could be a school you attended,  your  children or a neighborhood school.  You  might have decided to give up smoking or drinking coffee for a day, if so, Please buy some pencils, paper etc and donate it to a school of your choice to the “De De Tillman, Adopt A School Program”  You will be helping a child get a good education… Remember the children of today is our future….

Thanking Everyone In Advance

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New  Celebrity Blogger

Photo Credit/Courtesy: Google Images

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