Paris Hilton Picked Up Dog Poop

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Posted: Wednesday September 21, 2011 @ 3:15 am PST

Topic: Paris Hilton – Nicole Ritchie

According to Yahoo, Paris Hilton is now a good girl, she is no longer in trouble with the law.  A Judge said she has paid her dues,  got counseled, finished community service which included picking up dog poop.  Hopefully, her rude behind learned something. Unfortunately, I had to deal with Hilton and she was a  rude, spoiled Bitch!

Hilton and Nicole Ritchie were together,  Hilton threw her weight around by letting my former co-worker know she was a Hilton and if he did not do what she said she was going to have him fired.  BITCH

2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Picked Up Dog Poop

  1. I am just glad that the media doesn’t even bother covering Paris Hilton anymore. She was just boring to begin with. I wish that the media would cover people who have real talent than people who have no talent at all. Paris Hilton was an attention grabber. I don’t blame Nicole Ritchie for ending their “friendship” because it was just too toxic. Anyway, a nice blog. I have commented on here in a while. Peace.

    Your friend,

    1. Hey Robert, Oh do I ever agree with you, I cannot stand that Bitch at all. Speaking of talent, do you have a video? If so, please let me know so that I can do another blog on you….

      Love U Always
      Your Friend
      De De

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