Santa John Has Been Offered A Job

Hello everyone!  John Toomey aka Santa Claus who  was fired from Macy’s in San Francisco has been offered a job from Nick Bovis CEO of Bovis Foods… Macy in New York is the one that fired Santa.   DO NOT SHOP AT MACY’S IN SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK….. There is no Miracle in San Francisco for John Toomey AKA Santa John….


Remember!  I blog what I know, my blegs are not from any grapevines… Please pick up the San Francisco Chronicle and keep up with Staff Writer Kevin Fagan….  I just shook the hands of Sal Castaneda… At 3:00pm today at Macy’s San Francisco will be a rally for SANTA JOHN//// 

De De Tillman

Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

Hollywood, California

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