Is Denise Richards Dating Nikki Sixx?

Is Denise Richards Dating Nixxi Sixx?
Hot Off The Libra Scale!
By: De De Tillman

Let’s see now! My Libra scalle just tipped over and this is what’s going on, are you ready for De De’s Soap Opera?

Here it goes!

1.Denise Richards was married to Charlie Sheen, Denise was a friend of Heather Locklear.

2.Heather was married to Richie Sambora.

3.Denise stabbed Heather in the back and slept with Ritchie.

4.Kat Von D was engaged to Obie.

5.Kat Von D Dumped Obie to be with Nikki Sixx.

6.Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx broke up and she start dating Jesse James.

7.Jesse James was married to Sandra Bullock, Jesse cheated on Sandra.

8.RE-SURFACE! DENISE….. What’s going on with Denise and Nikki? lol

This is what need to be done.

Denise should apologize to Heather and get rid of that annoying laugh she hides behind.

Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx should get tested!!!!

Jesse James should do himself a favor and get in Charlie Sheen’s car, they seem to go off cliffs…

Charlie Sheen! You have a wonderful show, Keep up the good work and STOP getting married….

Remember!  You heard it from De De Tillman, Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger…..

See You Next Time With More News Hot Off The Libra Scale…..

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