Macy’s New York (Shame Shame Shame)

Singer-Producer Autumn Tillman And Santa John Toomey

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Topic: Santa John Toomey – Macy’s New York

It is so sad what Macy’s did to Santa Claus aka Santa John Toomey,  firing him without saying a word to him,  the good news is,  Santa has a better job with Lefty O’Doul’s in San Francisco however,  they are still in need of Christmas Toys for the Children…

Also the San Francisco Annual Toys Drive is in need of toys….  If you are in San Francisco PLEASE PLEASE donate and new toy to either Lefty O’Doul’s  or any Fire Station in honors of Santa John aka John Toomey

Stop Shopping At Macy’s They fired Santa Claus, Shame Shame Shame On Macy’s….

RIP Santa John Toomey

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