Is Paris Hilton Becoming A Mama? Who Is Da Da?

It’s old news that Paris Hilton is showing a bump in her stomach however, she has not said anything about it, I guess it’s another case of “Mariah” I wonder if Paris is jealous of Nicole’s boogie? Hmmmm… lol If there’s something brewing in the overn I sure do hope the little one will be nicer than her mother… By now you should know I do not talk “Grapevine” I talk what I know… Paris walked into the family hotel, turned her head and did not speak to not one person, She and then BFF Nicole was there as well… Once they were in the room things really got ugly, How do I know? I was there! No grapevines here…. If it’s true about the bump just maybe this is what she needs to slow down, look at how it helped Nicole… Now, here is the question…:” Who is Da Da? lol lol

De De Tillman / Hot Off The Libra Scale

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