Ron Artest Auction Ring

Wow! Talking about a big heart!  Laker’s Ron Artest auction off his championship ring for The Mental Health Awareness,  he does not care about the ring knowing that ring will help bring awareness to mental health.   THUMBS UP FOR RON….  Thank you  Ron and please keep up the great work…. My heart goes out to children in school and homeless women with children….  I was once homeless myself so,   I know the feeling and that’s why I am giving back to help others….  I have come up with the De De Tillman Adopt A School  Program also,  I am working to help single women with children,  This includes Domestic Violence against Women and Children….. It’s a lot to be done out here and Ron Artest is well on his way of doing such great work….  Let’s all get in line behind Ron and help with our favorite Charity/Charities…..

Let’s work together to help others

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