Why Boo LeBron?

I can totally understand where you are coming from when you boo someone who has betrayed you.   I am a Libra and booing is not the way to get back at LeBron…. Look at this!  When you boo him what good does it do?   You are the ones that bought the ticket to go to the games,  when you  leave the game where do you go?  LeBron goes home to a mansion that you help brought, that right!  Here is the way to get back at him from leaving Cleveland….  Let me add this by saying he has a right to make his up his mind as to where he want to live/ play etc….. The  point I am trying to make is booing is useless! Pointless!  To get back at him STOP buying tickets to see him play,  just do not go to any Miami games when he comes to town STOP buying products he endorse on TV Remember!   LeBron is getting MILLIONS for doing commercials so  just stop supporting what he’s doing,  you will hurt him more by hitting him where it will hurt “The Wallet, The Money”   So,  stop booing ok!   Stop going to the games…..

De De Tillman  Actress/Scriptwriter/ New Celebrity Blogger

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