Prince Harry To Marry Kate Middleton?

Apparently a company made a huge mistake by putting a photo of Prince Harry souvenir mugs with Kate Middleton,  we all know Prince William is the one marrying Kate Middleton April 29, Unless Prince Harry is like Singer Jermaine Jackson,  You know all about that Right? Right!  If not just scroll down my page and read ALL about Mr. Jermaine Jackson…..

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2 thoughts on “Prince Harry To Marry Kate Middleton?

    1. I have to laugh at this on this one Robert because, it’s Prince William and Kate are the ones to get married, someone made an error on Mugs by putting Prince Harry on the Mugs…. lol So, so far Prince William and Kate will be getting married on April 29th… lol You are so sweet… Thanks for being my friend

      De De

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