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I’m an Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger, I’ve been on TV shows, Plays and movies, I have a film out that I co-wrote called “ATM” that’s currently online.  I have other TV/Films and Projects in progress.  I studied Acting in Hollywood with my friend/play brother Actor Tony Cox (Bad Santa)  Dr. Tonea  Stewart aka Actress Tommie Stewart and Actor Daniel J. Travanti was among my acting teachers.  I did background work on CSI the night Kevin Federline guest starred.  Work also includes ER, Sleeper Cell, the movie Blackout/Twisted etc.. As far as being a Celebrity Blogger,  I am in the Entertainment field.  I have studied the craft of Acting for many years. 

 If you see me anywhere PLEASE  say “Hello”.

Thanks for reading my blogs, please leave your comments, vote and polls. I enjoy sharing Celebrity News. 

Please spread the word about my blogs. Thank you.

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  1. Hi there De De,

    I’m the Post Production Coordinator at the El Rey Network. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our salute to Black History Month spot, and I came across an image you have on your blog of D’Urville Martin, which says you got permission from his estate.

    Since he is one of the directors we’re celebrating, I was wondering if you could put me in contact with his estate so that we could (hopefully) get permission from them to use it as well.

    Would that be possible?


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