Warner Bros Has The Power To Re-Hire Charlie Sheen

Warner Bros has the power to re-hire Actor Charlie Sheen, CBS has a say in the matter however it’s up to Warner Bros.  Put the show back into production, the cast, crew and fans are waiting for Two In A Half Men.  Stop being childish and get the show back.  Warner Bros has crew and cast without a paycheck, they have  family, mortgage etc to pay. Hang in there Charlie you are the show.

1 thought on “Warner Bros Has The Power To Re-Hire Charlie Sheen

  1. I would be worried about Charlie Sheen’s mental state because he is not in his right frame of mind. CBS and everyone involved with Two In A Half Men would have to let Charlie know that time is money and he needs to get his act togetther. That means he would have to go back into rehab again.

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