Bret Michaels Sues Tony Awards For Brain Hemmorage

Rocker Bret Michaels has filed a law suit claiming The Tony Awards is the cause of his brain hemmorage,  I met Bret a couple of years ago and he was so sweet, as a matter of fact he spoke to me first and ask, how I was doing.  I wish Bret all the luck in the world and I do hope justice is served for him.  He is such a nice man with gorgeous eyes!

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2 thoughts on “Bret Michaels Sues Tony Awards For Brain Hemmorage

  1. Plus, I believe Bret Michaels is a lot more mature these days after having that brain surgery months ago.

  2. I really have to agree with you on that. Furthermore, I am very glad that Bret Michaels is no longer doing the “Rock of Love” reality tv series. I think in a long time that the public is seeing the real Bret Michaels, the man, and a loving father to his daughters.

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