5 Star Hunks Of April 2011

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Posted: Friday April 1, 2011 @ 5:03 am PST

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Topic: 5 Star Hollywood Hunks For April, 2011

This is the beginning of *5 Star Hollywood Hunks”  At the end of the year a winner will be announced.

5 Star Hunks Of Hollywood consist of Actor Jensen Atwood,  Singer Adam Lambert,  Model Shahriar Karegar,  Choreographer Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Actor Adam Rodriguez,  what a dream team this is,  NBA has there dream team and Actress De De Tillman has hers lol.   I am talking HUNK CITY here.   We have gorgeous eyes,  dimples,  smile that will make you scream… Oh My are these guys  HOT!

1. Jensen Atwood: Talent, deep dimples, drop dead gorgeous smile, outstanding personality, invites fans to come say hello to him, now, Jensen’s body I am talking rock solid off the hook fine. Please show your support for Jensen, keep up with Jensen’s work at www.jensenatwood.com

2.  Adam Lambert: When Adam sing you can hear his voice all over the world,  with those “I love you/ bedroom eyes”  Gee, it’s getting hot in here lol talking about tall, dark and handsome,  it should be against the law to be so d-mn good-looking and talented.. lol  Adam is in the studio at the moment working on a new album please request his songs and support his music. www.adamofficial.com

3.  Shahriar Karegar is a model that will fit on any magazine, with that dramatic look,  dreamy eyes and tall. Look for Shah in magazines, billboards and the runway. He’s every camera lens dream. Please book Shah for modeling work. Please support his career. http://www.facebook.com/people/Shahriar-Karegar/1359120233

4. Maksim Chmerkovskiy can be seen on Dancing With The Stars.  Every star  to dance on the show want to be with Maks,  he is the man who can move like no other.  Maks can teach me how to dance any day.   Hot Hot Hot. If you’re looking for a great choreographer, please contact him and please vote for him on DWTS. Follow him on Twitter. http://twitter.com/MaksimC

5. Adam Rodriguez former CSI Agent is to die for,  Black Women has claimed.  Rodriguez now belong to Black Woman and there is no getting him back,   Rodriguez is Puerto Rican/Cuban with light brown beautiful eyes, and those dimples.  Sit down when he smile because you will faint.  Hubba Hubba. Please watch and support his acting work. Follow him on Twitter. http://twitter.com/AMATICRODRIGUEZ


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42 thoughts on “5 Star Hunks Of April 2011

  1. Did you ever get the pictures of actress Cynthia Davis (Brenda) in Cooley High? Or was the lady pretending to be her niece JacQuar Davis just a fraud writing in?

    1. I never did see the photos, I’m still waiting. I told the person to copy, paste the link to me and I would put it up for everyone to see…

      Still Waiting… lol
      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

  2. The choice is easy and simple…ADAM LAMBERT of course. There´s no one hotter or sexier or more talented than him. I support him and his wonderful music and I love the wonderful human being he is. Glambert forever!!!

  3. how in the world could Adam Lambert be better looking than Jensen Atwood? He has on so much make up, my gosh. Do you females know what a handsome man is. Jensen Atwood is so hot, i can barely breathe when i see his pics, he is the best of all.

    1. Hi Mark! Thanks for commenting! It’s great hearing from you. So, You like Jensen? Have you seen him in Noah’s Arc? and the movie “Jumping The Broom” Just to let you know there are 2 Ladies in here one is Beverly and the other is Sharon, they are glad you love Jensen and not Adam lol lol They are Adam Lambert BIGGEST FANS LMAO I agree with you Jensen is HOT AS HECK…lol and SO iS ADAM…LOL

      Please come back and talk about Jensen and please spread the word about my blogs

      Big Hug To You Mark
      De De Tillman /Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger
      San Francisco / Hollywood

  4. Adam is by far “The Hunk”. He has it all. The gorgeous eyes, the beautiful smile and the personality to go with it. My vote if for ADAM LAMBERT.

  5. Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam ….. No more words are necessary. Except maybe one more – Adam!

  6. If you look up sexy and hunk in the dictionary, you will see a picture of ADAM LAMBERT! Adam is the Whole Package!!!

  7. All are very good looking but Adam Lambert is super sexy and he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in a man

  8. Love your appreciation of the incomparable Adam Lambert. He sets everyone’s pants on fire, women and men of all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations! Who else does that? I’ve included you post on Adam Lambert Week in Review http://wp.me/pIqKe-3dO

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhh Thank You Juneeauxena! That is so sweet of you to include the post… Adam is everything! I have another list coming up soon and I said to myself “Does Adam fall into this catagory?” and the answer is YES lol

      Big Thank You so Much Hug
      De De Tillman

  9. I was directed here through FB. unfortunately I am not familiar with any of these Hot hunky men but Adam Lambert! Adam has HOT looks, Amazing voice, is very charasmatic and SO SWEET to fans and everyone he meets. He friends TOTALLY LOVE HIM, and the boy knows how to make clothes look beyond amazing!! I have been a “glambert” since the audition of AI and devoted follower..Glad he is in a catagory with other hunky men, but yeah I <3 Adam!!

  10. All of your choices are fabulous, but I have to say…Adam Lambert slays me….He’s got that something….and oh boy does he have the mother load of it too. LOL!
    Thanks for the support you have given him!

    1. Hey Rise! Adam does have that something lol I just adore Adam. I watched him in audition on American Idol and I said to myself ” I know he is going to make it” That was when they were in a group of 20. And, I was right! lol

      It’s an honor to support him, Adam is just getting started so, I know we are in for a good time with him, I can see Adam in a blockbuster film, Modeling, with an album that goes into orbit and more… Thank you for leaving a comment and please come back, and tell other about this site so that Adam can get the love and attention he deserves… If you tweet, Please tweet this blog site for me…
      Thanks Rise
      De De

  11. Jensen Jensen JENSEN, omg he is DEF in my top 2 EVER! he is the sexiest man ALIVE. hands down. good job gal! 🙂 adam is gorgeous too…when i seen him in ugly betty a year or so ago, my mouth hit the floor!

    1. Hi LadyRaynbow, with all this love for Adam, Why did he not win? My votes along should have put him as the winner, Like I said “Double Standard”

      Please keep checking back

      De De

  12. Thanks DeDe for the support for Adam. He needs it so much so people will overlook his sexuality and see the true star and charitable person he is. I will have to check out your blogs more often. Great minds think alike! I like your other choices as well. All beautiful guys!

    1. You are so welcome glamity! I don’t care what Adam’s sexuality is, I am looking at his talent, It a same the world does not see it the way we do. When you have a straight Artist, people don’t say “I heard you are straight”? So, I say get out of Adam’s sexual life and adore his talent.. Thanks for checking out my blogs and I do look forward to chatting with you more, If you have a favorite you would love for me to blog out, Please let me know…

      De De

  13. It’s Adam Lambert no questions asked ! He deserves top honors because the way that he moves on a stage is enough to set the place on fire for a four alarm fire call to be sent out! He puts you under a spell that makes you crave him after he’s given an encore that leaves you panting and wanting more. He’s a music genuis and he knows what he’s doing. he not only can sing, he can act and he could be a top model also if he chose to do so. Why no one snapped him up in LA and Hollywood is anyone’s guess before he appeated on Idol. We’re just lucky to be his fans and I for one can’t wait for that second CD. If you haven’t bought his DVD, go get one! It’s awesome!

    1. Hey Gracie, I said the same thing you did about Adam could modlel, he can do it all…lol Thanks for mentioning the DVD… Thanks for being here…

      De De

  14. Adam Lambert definitely should be on this short list. He is the most gorgeous, sexy and talented man I’ve ever seen or heard. Plus he’s got the charm, personality and sense of humor to complete the full package. The other 4 are extremely good looking but Adam is by far the sexiest.

    1. Hey Sharon! You are 100% right about Adam, that is why I said “ADAM WON AMERICAN IDOL” Adam delivered each week and still is… Thanks Sharon for being an Adam Lambert Fan…

      De De

    1. Hi KmKolsch, Adam is HOT and can heat up any room lol Thank you for being here, please subscribe to my blogs and pretty please spread the word about this site..

      Thank You so so much
      De De

    1. Hi Carol! I love it! The World Of Adam Lambert! lol Thank you for the warm welcome and I will be doing more blogs on our good looking guy… lol Thanks Carol for the nice welcome, please subscribe to my blogs, please spread the word about my blog site…. If you tweet, Please tweet it out for me so all of Adam’s Fans can see it….

      Thanks for the warm welcome
      De De Tillman

  15. Oh my…They are all quite “hunky” but Adam Lambert gets my vote for “Favorite Hollywood Hunk” by far! As is often said of him, he is the “whole package”. He can sing your socks off (maybe more….) he can dance , he can act, and he can heat up the coldest room in about 5 seconds flat with those “I love you / bedroom eyes” (and refer back to the “he can sing” and “he can dance” reference)…No contest for me! Eagerly awaiting his next album…

    1. Hi Glitzylady! You are in good luck, Adam is in the studio right now working on his second album, as a matter of fact Adam has ask his fans to contact your local radio station and request “Aftermath The Remix” to be played. I would love to see Adam Model something that cover would be a sell out. You are right Adam is the “Whole Package” Thank you for your extremely nice comment, please subscribe to my blogs, more blogs on the way and please spread the word about my blogs…

      Many Thanks Glitzlady
      De De Tillman Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

      Hollywood/ San Francisco, California

  16. I like the way you think De De, great choices here. If I had to pick one would have to be Adam Lambert. Too stunning for words. Amazing how a gay man manages to be so sexy to all the straight women! It’s just duh irrelevant!

    1. Lol Hey Callae, You like the way I think and I like the way you think lol Oh Yes, Adam Lambert attracts all ages and both genders, I voted for Adam so much when he was on American idol that my finger is still sore for pushing the buttons on my phone… lol Thanks Callae for you positive feedback on Adam Lambert! Please subscribe to my blogs, I have more juicy blogs coming up and as I ask everyone to PLEASE spread the word about my blogs…. If you tweet, please tweet this site out for me…..

      Thanks A Million
      De De Tillman


    1. Great Choice Karen and thank you for replying, please spread the word about my blogs, More good blogs on the way…

      Thanks Karen
      De De Tillman

  17. I’ll take both Adams from these pictures, thank you. But give me Adam Lambert when his hair is down and it doesn’t matter who else is on the page. I know where my eyes will go.

    1. Hi Melody Thank you so very much for checking out my blogs, and for your wonderful comment, You may also subscribe to my blogs and please oh please spread the word about my blogs, tweet and re-tweet, when I meet both Adams do you want me to give them a kiss for you? lol

      Many Thanks
      De De Tillman
      Actress /Scriptwriter /Celebrity Blogger
      Hollywood / San Francisco California

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