Chris Brown “Dancing With The Scared Stars”

By: De De Tillman

Subject Title: By La Tray

Chris Brown is due to perfom on“‘Dancing With The Stars” tonight, instead of worrying about spots on the floor, dust on the chairs etc, they are going nuts and scared s-hitlless about interviewing Brown. Host Tom Bergeron told producer that he “DOES NOT WANT TO INTERVIEW BROWN”   The network want Brown to perform now they are scratching thier head to come up with a plan to keep the audience from booing him.   ABC is using Brown for their ratings however they are giving the staff high blood pressure about what to do with him.  ABC invited the guest unpredictable guest not caring about the dancers and stars. Dancer Cheryl Burke is not in favor of Brown on the show.  Let them deal with it and “Run It Run It” as one of Brown’s number one song says to do.

5 thoughts on “Chris Brown “Dancing With The Scared Stars”

  1. Chris Brown is a violent jerk. He shouldn’t be anywhere near other decent people at all, let alone on a family-friendly tv show. I wont watch DWTS this year.

    1. Hi Jacki, I agree with you Chris is a jerk from Jerk City, he has a chance to do the right thing for the rest of his life or, he will be in prison for the rest of this life…. Chris is a very young man at 21 years of age, I am pissed a ABC for using him to their advantage, they are a fool and so is Chris….. I have to watch Maks… lol

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      De De Tillman

  2. i think Chris Brown did a great job tonight on Dancing With The Stars. he looked relaxed and did a great job. They should be kissing his butt for putting some life into that dead show. I like his look tonight, and he looked like the Chris of old. He obviously has to find a way to contain his anger, and if he is going to break a window go find an old abandoned bldg & break the windows. never let them see you sweat is something he has to work on, and i would like to see him straightem out and get another chance with his career. It’s really not fair that he has to walk around forever, at such a young age, with a big scarlet letter on his chest!

    1. I am on the West Coast and have not seen him yet lol On the way though to watch it…lol When you have a chance will you please vote for which Aretha Franklin song you like…

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      De De

  3. I think Chris Brown should bail out at this point. Enough is enough. ABC is now using him as a whipping boy. I don’t agree what he did on GMA at all. I actually believe that ABC blackmailed him to appear on DWTS.

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