1. Wow, I like your blog and i will follow. I agree Adam needs to be careful who he befriends. Not even his gorgeous ex-boyfriends/current have spilled gossip about Addy even after being offered LOTS of $$ from gossip mags THAT shows true character and trust. I am glad still has TRUE friends within his circle, besides it just shows what I always knew to be true about PH. He is and will always be a do*chebag!!
    De De and Thelma, don’t forget to invite me to your parties if our Addy attends them. I LOVE me some drunken partyboy Adam <3

    1. Hi Hollywood Holly! I super PROMISE to invite you to an Adam Lambert party lol I am serious, If I find out Adam is somewhere I am, I will email you right away, I will tweet for you to check your email lol Thanks for being here and PLEASE spread the word.. Please Tweet and RT

      See You Soon At Adam’s Party

      De De Tillman

  2. Dede, I agree 100% Too bad Perez wasn’t at the party. I’d have loved to have seen Adam’s fist connect with the little backstabber’s jaw! Then again, I don’t want Adam to get into trouble for the likes of Hilton.

    1. Lol Hi ErisKay, Adam is so sweet and loving so all Perez want is to get something started negitively with Adam. That is not what REAL FRIENDS do. I met stars all day long and I know A LOT however, there are times they have ask me not to tell anyone what I know and I have kept my promise… They are not my friends however, they know I know what I know lol So. just imagine, if I can keep a secret for the stars I don’t know, I would not sell out my friends….

      Let’s hope Adam will learn early on who and whom not to trust! His Mother has moved to Los Angeles from San Diego so hopefully she will be able to help him figure who is who…

      Your Truly and Hugs
      De De Tillman

  3. Hey DeDe,

    E! News posted a video and put on TV a news clip that stated that is was false that Adam got kicked out of the party. He did get drunk and perhaps behaved over the top but he wasn’t kicked out.

  4. Dede: Good points made on this blog. I didn’t believe most of what PH said on the stupid radio show. He lies a lot. But I only worry about his Adam’s health getting intoxicated too often is not healthy. I feel like a proud momma worrying about one of her babies. I trust Adam to move on and forward with his new album. I know he will focus on what is important. He’s like a rare & precious gem he must be protected.

  5. I agree with you De De, Adam has to be careful when he is out in public, especially partying. He doesn’t want to always be fodder for the gossip rags, and especially Perez’s backstabbing behind! i know our boy can get a little wild, and he likes to let it all hang out. he does have to watch his back more now since he does make news in the blogosphere.
    I think he has to calm down and get that next album out, and I’m sure he’ll reel himself in and
    get back to family & true friends.
    Adam’s my boy & he can trash my party any time he wants, now Adam get back on point baby boy. Do the music, sweetie, we’re waiting! No more wilding out for a while.
    I love young party boys!

    1. LMAO! Oh Thelma You have me rolling on the floor laughing! lol I love the name you gave “Baby Boy” lol I agree with you, Adam has my permission to trash my party.. If Adam was at my party and let’s say he was drunk, I would not allow he to leave by himself nor would I post it anywhere…. Thank you Thelma for caring about such a sweet talent guy, Adam is the best and I love him. Perez is doozie….

      De De

  6. Bravo!!! Bravo!!! This blog about Adam Lambert is so on point. He does need to watch his back. Not everyone in Hollywood is “his” friend. Plain and simple. Adam needs to lean on his support system real soon. I’m talking about the people who knew him better before American Idol.

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