Hollywood’s Most Gorgeous Eyes

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Topic: Adam Lambert – Boy George – Rob Lowe – Stacey Dash – Shannel

It was so hard to come up with the top gorgeous eyes because they are so many stars out there with drop dead / dreamy eyes,  To be fair I had to think about both the past and present stars,  so many of our stars are gone much too soon and I don’t want them to be forgotten…. So,  we came up with 5 people who have/had the most gorgeous eyes ever!

1. Rob Lowe  Is on Brothers and Sisters

2. Stacey Dash Is an Actress

3. Boy George Is a Singer, Songwriter and DJ

4. Shannel  Is a Drag Queen from Rupaul’s Drag Race

5. Adam Lambert Is Everything!  Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor and Hopefully Model some day.


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    1. Hey Rose, I know Sharon and Beverly will agree with you lol. I have a suprise in store so stay tuned,,,

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  1. mmmm, Adam’s eyes are not only gorgeous but they express the beautiful spirit that Adam possesses. He definitely wins the most gorgeous eyes ever. And, need I mention that smile that just radiates joy & love????

  2. hands down…no comparison…Adam Lambert eyes are so beautiful and striking….Saw him in concert twice…and when he looks at you …which he does look at individuals in the audience…it just makes you stop breathing…when he signed my autograph…nearly passed out…he is slim…tall and so handsome it is just mind blowing…and what a voice.

    1. Hi Kat23morg! I think I would have passed out! lol I work with so many stars and I see a lot of them and think Adam would make me pass out lol I remember seeing my favorite back in the days “Jackie Jackson” of The Jacksons, I screamed so loud I was unable to speak the next day…lol When I met Michael Jackson, I was saying over and over “OMG” This is Michael Jackson, he was so so so sweet. I love when people would say “I love you Michael” and Michael would say ” I Love You Too” or “I Love You More” Okay! I’m in tears now talking about Michael.

      The point I am trying to make is that Adam reminds me so much of how Michael NEVER EVER ignored a fan and Adam is the same way, We love Adam and Adam Loves Us…

      De De Tillman

  3. All of them have beautiful eyes,but my vote goes to Adam,his are absolutely breathtakingly stunning ! They inspired my twitter name ” MyEyesBabyEyes ! “

  4. Adam has the most beautiful, sexy eyes of anyone EVER. Its not just that they are a beautiful color…its the super sexy shape of his eyes that really make them stand out….and the soul behind the eyes too.


  6. Adam Lambert!!! From pale shade of green to blue, he has the MOST BEAUTIFUL eyes I have EVER seen. I’m over 50 and there have been a lot of beautiful eyes in Hollywood, but hands down…….ADAM!!!

    1. Hey Gloria! You are so right! Hollywood have and has had a lot of beautiful eyes, I am doing 5 at a time lol I have more on the way! I am over 50 as well and I love me some Adam Lambert! Adam is just now getting started with his career, give him about 5 years and Dang O Dang is he going to be MEGA! He’s there now but 5 years under his wings, he is going to the King Of Something lol

      Please tweet and RT this Site! We are going to make sure Adam get the attention he was born for… lol

      Luv and Hugs
      De De Tillman

    1. Hi LadyRaynbow! I think the photo of Adam has been changed since you viewed it, The new one is a much better one… lol

      De De Tillman

  7. Hi Hollywood Holly, Thank you for the offer and YES I would love the link to the Photos and I will give you PHOTO CREDIT… Ahhh thank you for tweeting out this site Adam got dogged out by the media after Idol and I don’t like it at all….

    Now Hollywood Holly! I love my Shannel lol lol My favorite from season 1 was Rebecca Glasscock lol Season 2 was Tatianna….

    Thanks a million
    Luv and Hugs
    De De Tillman
    Hollywood / San Francisco California

  8. Adam Lambert of course! You hit the nail on the head with your description … he IS everything! 😀

    1. Hey Nana! Zac can be on the next list, I have way more coming up, This list is not the only one lol You will see Zac! lol thanks for letting me know who you want to see, Please subscribe to my blogs so you will not miss it and, if you tweet and RT this site for me…

      Thanks Nana
      De De

  9. Adam Lambert has for me the most beautiful eyes!! I see THEM sincerity, passion, tenderness … Just at the perfect! His eyes bewitched me:)

  10. Noone could ever compare or measure up to the amazingly beautiful eyes of ADAM LAMBERT! They are a gorgeous shade of ice blue…as crystal blue as the shimmering waters of paradise. His eyes, soul & petsonality have the ability to change your life & alter the way you think about yourself – I love that about him! When I see him…I only think positive, never negative – this is all because of the gorgeous Adam! He is an Angel in leather who shines & glistens with kindness and confidence. I don’t know where I’d be now if Adam didn’t exist in my life! I’ll be forever a Glambert :)) Light & Love to you all xx

  11. Oh yes, Adam def def def!!! lol. I remember during a mybliss.co.uk interview, he gave some great eyes in response to a question:
    (starts @ about 5:35)

    Ah yes, he uses those eyes well!! 😀

    There are many beautiful eyes, but I would add that Elizabeth Taylor should be on this list as well.

    1. Hi Humulus, Elizabeth Taylor is coming up on another list, This is not the end lol because, It’s so many Stars with those dreamy eyes, I promise you will see Elizabeth… I have some suprises coming up…. I also have more Celebrity Interviews…

      De De

  12. You have great choice candidates cept for Shannel (I just didn’t like her attitude at all in Drag Race, so I don’t like her/him). but my #1 choice is A.D.A.M.L.A.M.B.E.R.T.
    I too live in LA and met him/seen those eyes up close. *be still my heart*. …oh and that laugh of his! *ded*..
    De De i have been tweeting your blog and also I have picture host site w/over 10k pics of Adam ect..Its public. Let me know if you want the link, you can use whatever you want from it 🙂

  13. Adam Lambert hands down! This picture doesn’t showcase what amazing eyes he really has, though. They are like windows into his soul, that comfort and hypnotize you at the same time. He is truly a perfect human being.

  14. Forgot to say before ~ My name on Twitter just happens to be “loveadamseyes”! So I guess you know who’s eyes I love!!!!! LOL

  15. Adam Lambert is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. He is gorgeous from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. The eyes are stunning! He wins for me!

  16. Adam’s eyes are mesmerizing!!! I coudn’t take my eyes off of his when I met him! He is like a magnet – you just can’t pull away!!! LOL He is lovely and if the eyes are the mirror for the soul then he has the most gorgeous soul ever!!! <33

  17. Hey De De… You have to see Adam’s eyes in person. They are ice blue and gorgeous. They are an unusual shape. He reminds me of a wolf. He ‘s so gorgeous.

    1. Hi Lisa! “Ice Blue” Oh My! lol I am about to faint just about now! I have worked with and has seen a LOT of Stars because, I live and work in Hollywoo and San Francisco. I’ve met the goods and the bad personality stars, I can tell Adam is ON THE GOOD LIST! I had the honor of meeting the Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson and I will NEVER forgot how down to earth and sweet he was..

      Smokey Robinson is another one who will stay to the end to make sure he fans have an autograph from him. Rocker Bret Michaels is another Angel with those “Bedroom Eyes” lol When I met Bret, He spoke to me first…

      Thanks for sharing Lisa and Please spread the word about how sweet Adam’s personality is…

      De De Tillman /Actress/ Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

  18. Adam Lambert definitely has the most gorgeous eyes. I have met him in person. Other than his eyes being gorgeous, his personality is even better. <3

    1. Hi Leslie, Thanks for being an Adam Fan! Please spread the word! I have ask everyone if they tweet so, If you tweet, please tweet and RT about this site! Lots of thanks Leslie…

      Hugs and Thanks
      De De Tillman

  19. Hmmmm I don’t know…JUST KIDDING!! ADAM ADAM ADAM ADAM!!!!!! :DDDD Definetly the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen , especially with the fact he can sing, dance, act, and is a great person!!!! (yes food analogy, shut up…) he’s like a ravioli. Beautiful on the outside and even more fantastic on the inside! <3 My mom says my loving Adam is just a phase, but I don't think so….GLAMERT FOREVER!

  20. Oh my Adam Lambert has the most beautiful and sexy eyes I’ve ever seen in pictures and in person. They used to call eyes like his “bedroom” eyes as they could seduce you into the bedroom. Seriously if you haven’t seen his eyes up close put it on your calender to meet him. THUD…

  21. I met Adam in person and I have to tell you that there is no picture that can give him justice.When he looks at you it’s like he can see your soul ,his eyes are like lasers plus when he smiles his eyes are smiling too…so espressive

    1. Hi Robi! You met Adam and you are able to get online? LMAO lol Did you faint? lol I can’t wait to met him. If you tweet, Please tweet and RT this site…. Thanks for sharing your moment with Adam…

      You Are So Lucky
      De De
      Hollywood / San Francsico California

  22. Adam Lambert’s eyes are WAY BETTER than the others,apart from his handsome face his eyes are really seductive…and he knows how to use them…he really can melt a heart with a 5 second stare!!!

    1. Hi Morvarid_One! Adam is very handsome and his eyes are seductive. Totally agree!l lol Please tweet and RT this for Adam Fans to see it….

      De De

  23. Adam Lambert has the most beautiful eyes i ever seen . my wish his i hope to meet him some day also a great singer and very good artist 🙂

  24. Lots of beauty there but, hands and shorts down, it’s the Man with the Eyes Baby Eyes; Adam Lambert, of course!

  25. Adam has the most beautiful eyes i ever seen . great singer my wish his i hope to meet him some day 🙂

    1. Hi Bertha! Thanks for being an Adam Fan! He is outstanding! I hope you do get a chance to meet him, I know you will be excited! I have not met him yet, However, I do have plans to do so because, We live in the same place and we are in a Union together so, I will meet him… So, Get ready Bertha so that all of Adam’s Fans can meet him…..

      Thanks for commenting and do share this site with others!

      Here’s To Meeting Adam

      De De Tillman /Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger
      Hollywood/ San Francisco California

    1. Thank You So Much Spindleshay for such a great gift! I will cherish this forever and as a matter of fact I left a comment on the site and I will be back a lot to leave comments! Keep up the superb work you are doing and I promise to be a regular on your site….

      Thanks for The GEORGEOUS gift

      Luv and Hugs
      De De Tillman

      Hollywood/ San Francisco California

    1. Hi Judy, I totally agree with you and I wish everyone would emabrace his talent… Some people spend too much time worrying about his sexuality and not seeing his talent! He is real to his fans and, I have never heard not ONE fan ignored by Adam I just wish would watch out for those he call ‘FREIND” I wish he would go back to the beginning to those who was there with him and for him before he became famous…..

      De De

      1. Adam always is connected to his longtime friends. Almost all of them are in his If I Had You music video ! And yes I believe his eyes are amazing as well as he is!

  26. The one and only Adam Lambert! Show me another insanley gorgeous amazing singer with those kind of eyes,who can dance, act ,and to top it all off…is super nice to his fans.Then mabey I’ll concider someone else 😉

    1. Hi Adam, Thank you for your positive feedback on Adam! I am going to forward all this to Adam. He is great! If you Tweet, by all means tweet this site out! Thanks for alll of your support…

      We Love Adam
      De De Tillman

  27. Even though I don’t think the picture above shows them at there VERY best, but without a doubt ADAM F KING LAMBERT!!! Elizabeth Taylor & Elvis too! Adam’s are the MOST BEAUTIMUS OF ALL!!! THUD! THUD! I’m dead!!

  28. Adam Lambert of course. His eyes are absolutely gorgeous, bright, beautiful, hypnotizing. I can go on forever. 🙂

    1. Hi Angela, Oh do I know the feeling about going on and on about Adam lol When Adam look up and into the camera all one can say is Wow! lol Thanks a bunch for such a nice nice comment about Adam, He is so loved…

      Big Thanks
      De De

    1. Hey Mary lol lol I might have to do gorgeous smile month huh? lol I know Adam’s fans will expect to see him on that list because, I am a HUGE HUGE fan and I would want him on that list… lol

      Thanks Mary, more good stuff is on the way here…

      De De
      Hollywood, California

    1. Hey Rise! WOW O WOW I love that photo! Thank you for sharing it with me, When I watched Idol and they said Adam was working at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, I said ‘Now they tell me” lol Because, I took the Metro everyday and got off at the front door of the Theater, I wish I had known Adam was behind those doors… lol

      For The Love Of Adam.. lol
      De De

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