Marvin Gaye April 1, 1939-April 2, 1984 (Video)

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Posted: April 3 2011 @ 7:12 am PST

Updated: Friday October 28, 2011 @ 7:20 pm PST

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The Late Super Great Crooner Marvin Gaye was born “Marvin Pentz Gay”  He later added an “E” to his last name because,  he was teased by it.  Gaye  was shot and killed 27 years ago by his own father,  Gaye was shot April 1, 1984 one day before his birthday which would have been today had he lived.

I was in San Monica when I heard the news,   I called my buddy Damita Jo Freeman of “Soul Train and told her what had happened,  Freeman thought since it was April Fool’s Day that someone was playing an awful trick on Marvin…

The world stopped once again when we found out it was true,  the man who bought Gaye into the world took him out!   In the end Marvin Sr.  died of brain complication.   Gaye was with Motown for many years as a matter of fact Gaye married Berry Gordy’s sister Anna Gordy,  Gordy was 17 years older than Marvin.  Marvin later married Janis, whom was linked the late Teddy Pendergrass,  Gaye’ s music will last forever, he and The Late Tammi Terrell will be in our hearts and Minds forever!

8 thoughts on “Marvin Gaye April 1, 1939-April 2, 1984 (Video)

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  4. Hi De De.

    Thank you for the lovely comment about my music. I appreciate it very much. Peace.


    1. Hey Robert! All thanks goes to you because you are the one behind the music, I know you are extremely busy however, I do need to get in touch with you because, I am getting request from you fans, they want to know more about your music and, I hear your music is claiming the charts! Pretty please grant me another interview!

      Thank You Robert
      De De

  5. The man had a voice. No question. There will never be another singer-songwriter like him.

    1. Hey Robert! You are so right! Marvin could sing anything and it would sell because HE COULD SING;;lol It’s a shame his own father killed him. So sad… Speaking of talent, I heard some good news about your music…lol

      De De

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