Ex- Idol Pia Toscano Lands A Record Deal

After American Idol eliminated Pia Toscano,  Randy Jackson,  Jennifer and Steven Tyler were extremely upset when Toscano was eliminated.  After Lambert it was not Idol for me.  If she was a great singer,  It had to be something else.   Does Pia have the wrong last name?   Did she say something wrong?  Was she hanging with another favorite Idol Contestant,  for example  in season 8  the fans got upset with Alison when she was too close to Adam…

Lil Round was not a threat to the fans because, she was married with children,  on the other hand,  Alison was young and wild,   the chat room and message board told their reasons why they did not like Alison, as a matter of fact the fans are still upset because,  they were waiting to see what kind of CAKE Adam was going to bake.  Alison was having a play flour fight so,  Adam left! 

Pia Toscano has been approached with a record deal however,  she has to wait until her contract with Idol ends.

Please leave a comment on why do you think Pia was eliminated and Thanks

De De Tillman

3 thoughts on “Ex- Idol Pia Toscano Lands A Record Deal

  1. I’m probably going to get some flack about my comments. Oh well..in my personal opinion I think the main reason Pia was eliminated early is because her stage presense wasn’t as exciting as a few of the others, James, Haley, Paul. Many of the voters are female and normally vote for a male i. e. Scotty, James, Paul. Talent isn’t always the focus with voters look at S8 but we all know what happened then. Plus some of other contestants i. e. Scotty fans are using power texting at large parties held in restaurants, etc. I think Pia is very pretty, sexy looking and can sing well but sometimes the voting public doesn’t get it right and vote for other reasons. I think she’ll do fine. Personally, she was not one of my favorites maybe because she didn’t connect to the audience like others. Also too much is being made over her early elimination. Hope all the over hype cools down soon cause I’m tired of reading all the complaints.

    1. Thank you so much Lovingadam! Do not worry about anyone giving you flack in her, they can give there opinion but, they are going to attack you. I was the one to ask the question and I can’t thank you enough for your answer because, as I have stated before season EIGHT was it for me… lol

      This is the same thing that happened to Adam, it was AT&T that sat up a power station as used it again Against our Adam. Thanks again sweetie for responding, and pleasel feel free to say what you feel here…. Anyone can give their opinion but, no one will be attacked….

      Big Adam Hug lol
      De De

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