Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry Forever Voodoo (Video Lyrics)

Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Written By: Entertainer La Tray

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Adam Lambert song is about New Orleans  Voodoo and the Bayou. This song was not on the debut album however it was released overseas and heard in the states. His former boyfriend Drake LaBry is from New Orleans and the Bayou. If you know anything about Voodoo, you know the spell is not broken unless the hunter wants it broken and that hunter is Drake.

Drake knew Adam before American Idol. When they met Adam and Drake were probably in a relationship with other people.  They were probably just friends.

Drake was one of his biggest supporters when Adam competed for American Idol. The camera would always show Drake and his family in the audience. Later, as their relationship blossomed more, Drake moved to L.A. to be with Adam only for Adam to let this wonderful guy go. Drake  found employment in L.A. Poor Drake didn’t get a chance to go to any red carpet events with Adam.

One time Drake was home alone, sick, and cold with a broken heart. After the break up, he wasn’t going out, just working more than one job and some focus on his beautiful art projects. He was in a large city without family just some friends. It was his friends that helped him get out and go places.

In interviews, Adam said he was dating, he didn’t have a boyfriend/ relationship. Later, Drake became his boyfriend. In another interview Adam said that he didn’t know what he wanted. After that, news across the internet broke that Adam had split up with Drake. The report was that Adam was too busy for  Drake and now that Adam is working on his second album,  I guess history will repeat itself,  he is not going to have time for anyone else. He doesn’t look at other guys the same way he did with Drake.  Although Adam said he was only in love once, however, Drake is in Adam”s Heart,  Adam is Voodooed by Drake’s Love.  Adam described Drake as Drop Down Cajun Voodoo Dreamy. Adam could be afraid to be with Drake because his heart was broken with the guy he fell in love with before Drake. Even after Adam and Drake broke up, Adam was all over Drake. He couldn’t keep his eyes off him.  Adam doesn’t show happiness and that spark since the break-up. It’s not in Adam’s gorgeous eyes. Anyone who dates Adam now will be dating Adam Lambert The Mega Star not Adam Lambert The Person. Drake knew “Adam The Person”.


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5 thoughts on “Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry Forever Voodoo (Video Lyrics)

  1. @De De and La Tray Tillman interesting article *_* I would just like to say that I believe that no two LOVE is ever surely the same. Love doesn’t always end the way we want it to. But it always ends the way it is supposed to. If one love is lost to Adam, it only means that another one, sometimes better…sometimes not, but always, another love is waiting for him in the form of (Sauli) for now or someone else in the future (only time will tell) . What’s more, Adam probably had real strong love for Drake & his’s previous ex that will continue to inspire him and remain in his heart.

    However, to dismiss or compare Adam’s feelings for Sauil so early in their relationship is *unjust* . Sauli’s feelings for Adam shouldn’t be measured by Adam’s fame *unfair* in my view. Besides,being in love does not always last, exception been in movies and fairy tales. Furthermore, in a relationship , being in *LOVE* is not always enough to fix problems that may occur.

    Love cannot be defined in words it can only be felt by the couples involved.

    1. Hello Jumie Thanks for your comment I’m De De Tillman and the other writer is La Tray. I value your opinion on the blog!.

      Thanks For Visting
      De De Tillman

  2. I LOVED the Adam/Drake relationship (Lam-Bry) VooDoo is such a SEXY song and Yes! about about Addys cajun love! I was fortunate to meet Drake at his last art show in LA. he is GORGEOUS and damn sweet! I always though Adam’s other FYE forgotton song “Can’t let you go” was also about Drake…just sayin..
    Here is my Adam/Drake pic collection (mostly Drake now, but yeah)


    1. Hey HollywoodHolly, Thanks again for the Picture links and I will for sure use them with your credit. Thanks for the info on the song “Can’t let you go” lol De De is HOT on the trail of this song, hummm we might be on to something here…lol

      I can tell Drake is sweet and you are so lucky to have met him, Drake’s Mom is SUPER DUPER SWEET and so funny! Her name is Christy and she is FUNNY…

      Love and Hugs
      De De

    2. Hey sweetie we updated Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry Forever Voodoo Photo and we gave you credit for the one we used and thanks for granting us the use of them…

      De De

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