2 thoughts on “Scotty McCreery & Paul McDonald..Elvis? NOT!

  1. De De I don’t know what is going on with that site re: Scotty & Pauls performances but the last comment was @ 8am even tho I made a comment at 5:30 pm today. Most of those ppl commenting are mainly Scotty fans who were hyping him up. Those ppl are either tone deaf or diehard country fans. They don’t get it that Elvis was a R&B singer and huge gospel music fan NOT country music singer. I’m afraid the winner this season is NOT going to be the most talented. Either James or Scotty will win as power voting is going to determine the winner like S8. Already proof that Scotty fans are jumping on the bandwagon in his STATE.

    1. Hey Lovingadam, they are going by his looks and the fact that young girls are screaming for him. I am use to real singer, real music, Aretha Franklin is my second cousin, I have not met her however she is my cousin and I grew up listening to her. This season is a JOKE from Joke City… I have not watched it and, when I see them advertise the singing on TV I say ” Are You Kidding Me” They sound AWFUL, SAD, they cannot sing at all….

      Adam Lambert is the reason I STOPPED WATCHING AMERICAN JOKECITY IDOL….

      Love Our Adam…lol

      De De

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