Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog Reunion (Videos & Link)

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Posted: Thursday July 14, 2011 @ 2:06pm PST

Updated: Thursday November 3, 2011 @10:11 pm PST

The 70’s hit show “Welcome Back Kotter recently had a reunion,  the cast members consist of  John Travolta,  Lawrence Hilton- Jacobs,  Marcia Strassman, Robert Hegyes, and Ellen Travolta.  I had the honor of meeting all the Sweathogs on the set of “Welcome Back Kotter” twice,

My acting class took a field trip there and I went a couple of times on my own so, I was able to talk to John Travolta and Lawerence Hilton- Jacohs,  during that time a woman name Rona Barrett was there talking to them as well..


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog Reunion (Videos & Link)

  1. They should have asked Vernee Watson to be interviewed for the Sweathogs reunion when they appeared on GMA. I know that she played Lawrence Hilton- Jacobs’ girlfriend on the show. That would have been something.

    1. Hi Robert! Seeing Vernee would have been nice, there is a chance she is working and could not attend, I would hope that is the case instead of them ignoring her… I love the episode of What’s Happening” lol She played “Judy” I notice you 2 have the same last name… lol

      De De

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