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I did a blog a long time ago letting everyone know that All My Children was cancelled and that One life To Live would be moving to California if that happened,  I would have love to see One life To Live move here to California instead being cancelled,  Now that both are getting axed so that Disney can put other shows in that spot.   I am a Huge fan of One Life To Live and Days Of Our Lives.  So many fans are going to be disappointed,  so many jobs will be lost.  I enjoyed watching Susan Lucci,  Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams from All My Children.   Earlier I did a blog saying that it would be great if someone could write a show for Debbie and Darnell (angie and jessie hubbard) .

I guess the Bell family will be happy that all the  soaps are gone in New York, it’s strange that their shows has been so-called number 1 in the Soap Digest.  Moving on from the Bell family because I am NOT a fan of their 2 shows.  It is not the show,  it’s their up nose attitude I do not care for.  When you speak to the main stars, you will not get a “Hello” back if you don’t have a name,  Just ask Aretha Franklin what happened to her when she spoke to the star and did not get a hello back UNTIL she was told that was “Aretha Franklin”
This is what happens when STUPID shows are watched such as Jersey Shore,  Real housewives that not one gives a da-n about,  NON  CELEBRITY REALITY SHOWS…  Non Star are the reason REAL STARS are losing jobs.
I do wish each and everyone on  AMC and OLTL all the best and another job ASAP.  I also hope they will not support NON STARS REALITY SHOWS…  The Non Sense Stuff..  Host Kelly Ripa got her start on All My Children.
Whatever Disney put on in the place of these 2 soaps,  I will not be watching,  Disney is saying GOODBYE TO SENIORS….. and don’t give a da-n about the ones who put money in their pocket since the beginning.
De De Tillman
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9 thoughts on “All My Children & One Life To Live Ends

  1. The producers need to wake up and smell the coffee. The viewers of All My Children are avid fans. They are tired of all the reality talk shows. Everyone is thirsty for an escape from the real world and the soaps allow us to do that. Now it’s being stolen from us without caring what the fans want and not even asking them. I will never watch your reality shows and hope that no one else does too. I hope all the commercials pull out too.
    Wake up!!!!

    1. WELL SPOKEN Dee! I love it! The Network is say “F” the faithful Soap Viewers so we have to say “F” whatever you show on your network! I REFUSE to watch those replacement reality shows, I am not watching ABC, I love the View however, I have to say goodbye to it as well. I love Whoppi, Joy and Barbara. I use to care about Sherri until she spoke ugly against Adam Lambert… Both Sherri and Elisabeth….

      Thank you for your support and please pass the word we are not watching

      Big Big Hug

      De De Tillman

  2. Ahhhh Christina Thank you so much for sharing the petition with us and I will for sure sign it. I have been watiching OLTL for so long, back in the days when Asa was there, when Vicky was carrying Jessica lol.. Please TWEET and R-Tweet this blog and the petition…

    Big Hug
    De De Tillman
    Hollywood, California

    1. Hey again Christina. I went over there to vote, the only thing I do not like is that they require your address, a lot of people may not sign it because of that… 500,000 sgnatures are needed and they so far only have 9. I know that’s a start but they do need one that does not ask for an address…

      De De Tillman
      Hollywood, California

      1. Hey Christina! Thank you so much sweetie, I will be there! I love that show, I can’t live without my Dorian, Starr Manning, Bobby etc…lol My Cousin Aretha Franklin is a fan of The Young and The Restless… lol I am not…

        De De Tillman
        Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

  3. Hi De De.

    It was just a matter of time. I believe that General Hospital will be the next one to get the cancellation. GH might not be cancelled this year. It will be a goner. As for AMC and OLTL, I knew it was coming. Other soaps like Y&R and B&B, they will be gone one day. The “soap opera” genre is dying. It is a very sad situation when non celebrity reality shows are taking over now than ever before. That is pretty ridiculous when everyone knows that no one will remember Snooki, NeNe, Kim Kardashian, the real “New York,” Kendra, and the list goes on and on.

    I can imagine that a lot of these soap actors and soap actresses will go back to doing theater or they will fade away into obscurity living normal lives. End of story.


    1. You are so right Robert! it’s a damn shame one has to take off their clothes, act a damn fool and beat the hell out of women to get noticed and sell records… The true Actors of Soap, The Patti Labelle’s, The Ebony Evans, The Robert Watson’s and other have REAL TALENT people like Beyonce does not have talent, she does not speak english correctly, she got famous when she took off her clothes and rolled around in a video. In her commerical she is a run on sentence… No Talent, just beauty…

      De De

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