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Posted: April 16, 2011 @ 9:29 am PST

Topic: Cheating Celebrities

The Late Great Super Star Singer Johnnie Taylor had a hit song out years ago called “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her”  The song was out a long time ago and trust me it still applies today.   This message is for ALL THE HOLLYWOOD CHEATING DOGS…. Yes!  Women cheat as well and I will be on them next!

Hollywood Men go to work and fall in love with their co-stars and somehow forget their have a love at home waiting for them.  I am a blogger and I have my 9 to 5 as well and where I work,  all I see is CHEATING STARS…  Mostly men.   I actually said to a few of them “You know you are married”  They said “She is married and what she does not know will not hurt her”  I say “Oh wow”    I work for a Major Company and I see them with other Women ALL THE TIME….

Singer Jermaine Jackson is King of hurting someone,  he cheated on his Ex-Wife Hazel Joy Gordy who is the daughter of Motown’s founder Berry Gordy.  Later on Jermaine went on to cheat on another woman and had a 2 babies by her and his wife Hazel at the same time.  After that Jermaine slept with his own brother Randy’s girlfriend and had 2 kids by her…  She is the one the Jackson family is going to court over to remove her from the Jackson Estate..

Now moving on,  we have singer Bobby Brown who keep making babies and cannot take care of them,  Whitney was paying his child support each time he went to jail…  Dr. Conrad Murray does not pay child support somehow babies keep popping up!

Brad Pitt really hurt Jennifer, to this day she does not want to date.   Smokey Robinson broke Claudette’s heart by having a baby with a Soul Train Dancer…  These guys know they are going to pay or go to jail.  Look at what Tiger did to Elin,   It is so sad these guys are hurting these women.

I have song I want to dedicate to THE CHEATING MALE STAR DOGS OF HOLLYWOOD…

Song By: Johnnie Taylor  /It’s Cheaper To Keep Her”

Video Credit By YouTube /MultiplicityMe

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