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Drake LaBry

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On April 22nd, a talented and creative artist/interior designer from Louisiana was born, his name is Drake LaBry. He comes from a loving and supportive family. Not to mention has fans around the world that adore his charming personality, stunning good looks, and polished art/design work.

LaBry is a LSU graduate and has pursued a professional career in art and design. He has held art exhibits in the heart of Los Angeles and has sold his creations to enthusiastic art collectors.

Furthermore, LaBry is a skilled artist and designer that has the potential of being a television host of his own interior design show. An author of books displaying his art work. He could even be illustrated in magazines as a contributor. A judge on an interior designing show. Perhaps, his own interior design line/company. Maybe even make special appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, also a Louisiana native. He can easily be represented by a manager and talent agent. Whatever LaBry chooses to do with furthering his career into orbit, his fans will surely will follow.

In conclusion, Drake LaBry is “Cajun Sexy” just as his art and design work.

If you are interested in booking or representing Drake LaBry for Television, Media Work, Art/ Design Work, please contact him at the addresses below: 

Please visit Drake LaBry’s Official Website and click on contact for business inquiries.

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7 thoughts on “Cajun Sexy Drake LaBry

  1. Happy belated B-day VooDoo Drake! I was fortunate to meet Drake at his last Hollywood Art exhibit! Yea he is just a GORGEOUS in person as he is in pictures!. he is very funny and sweet, and yes I was a LamBry shipper. I am glad he and Adam remained friends.
    I definately would LOVE to see Drake on some design TV show!.
    I haven’t met any of the rest of the family but they do seem so great and suportive. I do love when Drake’s siblings send him loving messages on Facebook. You can tell that they get along very well. I do have my collection of Drake pic in my PB if anyone is intrested!

    1. Hey HollywoodHolly! This is so sweet of you and I know he is enjoying all the love and attention. Drake’s whole family is loving his Mom is so

      De De

    2. Hey again HollywoodHolly! I forgot to mention Drake’s family just got back from Italy with some NICE PICS.. Girl you better get over there and grab those pics LMAO also on Drake’s profile photo has his shirt OFF… lol

      De De

    3. Hi HollywoodHolly! That’s great you were face to face with Drake. 🙂 Could you see his gorgeous eyes? I’m not on Facebook as much now but he’s very friendly on Facebook. So is his family. He definitely seems ambitious enough to have his own TV design show. I wish he would work on getting one. HGTV would be more idea. Hopefully, he will do something. He has too great of a personality and gorgeous looks not to. 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen Drake in a while. Nice to see what he’s doing lately. He is a hotty. There is a pic somewhere of him painting nude. It’s a shame he and Adam Lambert didn’t work out. He seems to be a sweet guy with a really nice family.

    1. Hey Adamfan! You are right! Drake is a sweetie pie and so darn good looking, he and Adam was so HOT looking together, maybe in the near future their hearts will find each other again..

      Oh I love Drake’s family his Mom Christy should be a comedian she is so funny and will keep you laughing. Drake, his brother and sister are carbon copies of their father. Mom Christy look like a teenager…lol The family has a dog name ‘Jack” Jack is my boyfriend… LMAO lol

      De De

    2. Thanks Adamfan for replying! Drake is a sweetheart and his mother Christy. A beautiful family. Yes there is a picture of him painting nude, it was an advertisement for his “The World Is Your Oyster” art exhibit. 🙂 He’s a very talented artist/designer and his work should be more publicized.

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