Save AMC And OLTL Boycott ABC Network

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Boycott  Credit By: CHRISTINA


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   If ABC/Disney cannot find space/time for Daytime Dramas All My Children and One Life To Live  well it’s time to BOYCOTT the other shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” and others.  I love DWTS however if they cancel ONE show cancel them all.

It is NOT RIGHT to bring on the new shows and kick our shows to the curb The only fair thing for we fans and Actor to do is BOYCOTT THE WHOLE D-mn network….  Write the sponsors and let them know you are NOT going to buy their products and STOP WATCHING ABC  SHOWS…

Thanks to a fan “CHRISTINA”  HERE IS A LINK”


5 thoughts on “Save AMC And OLTL Boycott ABC Network

  1. Yes I did, De De. Thank you for making “Paradise” the default song on your page. I really hope a lot of people who visit your page will hear it. Peace.


    1. Rise2thetop! I hope you have tuned out ABC… LOL I love The View however, ABC/Disney has to be punished, so,to make them sweat we must hit them where is hurt and that’s in their wallets/bank account… Thank you for being here and please TWEET AND RE-TWEET…

      Thank You
      De De Tillman

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