Lawsuits Over Pia Toscano

Pia Toscano

By: De De Tillman

Photo Search By: La Tray

Be on the look out for former Idol Pia Toscano to be performing on varies shows one ABC, which is the network Soap Opera Fans and Adam Lambert Fans should be boycotting.

19 Entertainment OWNS Pia Toscano and lawsuit after lawsuit will be on the rise because,  no contestant can release any albums BEFORE the winner is announced.   Buzzing around is that Pia single is going to be released right away,  Well,  if so,  ABC can get ready because, they are headed for several LAWSUITS….  I would love to see ABC Sued for what they did to Adam Lambert,  All My Children and One Life To Live….

There is choreographer name Mark Ballas that has eyes for Pia Toscano so, to boost ratings,  I have a feeling she will be on Dancing With The Stars!!!  BEFORE   Idol announce their Winner….  Once again SEASON 8 was it for me.  Adam Lambert Won As Far As I Am Concern:

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