Aretha Franklin_A Woman Falling Out Of Love

By: De De Tillman

SAN FRANCISCO- April 28th 2011 10:50

Source: The View/Aretha Frankin And Sadly ABC

It was so great seeing my cousin Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin on The View today!  I know  I am not to watch ABC however,  I have been praying for my Cousin to get well… Aretha new album is out,  she produced, write and took control of the whole album.  A Woman Falling Out Of Love is available at Walmart…

Now that I know she has lost so much weight and feeling good,  NO MORE ABC for me…. Thanks everyone for praying for Aretha, She is LOOKING GOOD…

4 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin_A Woman Falling Out Of Love

    1. Hi Yenna, Thanks for asking! My Cousin Album will be released May 3rd at Walmart and her Digital CD will be out after Jun 3rd….

      De De Tillman /Aretha Franklin 2nd Cousin…

  1. and she will be back on the road preforming, she will be at niagra falls on may 5th, will let you know how the show goes.

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