8 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Has Been Named King Of Glam By: La Tray

  1. De what am I going to do with you??? You are soooo crazy! You know me so well!! Thanks for mentioning me and remembering me! I love Adam always & I love you too!!!

    1. Hey Beverly Sweetie, Of course I remember you, are you kidding me and when I meet Adam I am taking you with me, also I am sending Adam this blog so that he can read how much he is loved by You, Sharon, HollywoodHolly, Myself and everyone else! By The Way! Sharon is trying to get in the line first! LMAO lol Love Adam, Love You, Love Sharon, Love HollywoodHolly, Love All Of Adam’s Fans…

  2. De De:
    I predicted 18 mo. ago that Adam would be crowned “King of Pop Rock” as no one could take MJ place in that genre. Elvis is King of R&R. So combining the two it makes sense.
    I have to disagree tho that Beverly is Adam’s #1 fan. I am. Tell her I’ll arm wrestle her for the title. Seriously I agree that he will in near future be producing and at least be a part owner in own label. However as many independent labels have discovered it aint that easy without financial backing i e. Bo Bice, Justin G., Willy Nelson and others. I look forward to day when a record label realizes the importance of someone as talented as Adam and rightly promotes and supports him. Just my opinion but don’t think there is a singer/songwriter out there today that can come close to his music abilities. Oh, did you know (of course you know) that Adam produced his GNT show single handedly? His management gave free reigns and he did a bang up job. His musical theatre background really benefited him in that area.

    1. Hey Sharon! LMAO I don’t think Beverly has seen this yet..lol I 1000% agree with everything you said about Adam’s career. I d-mn near fainted when he was on AI dancing to the Motown Sounds, he is tall and was able to go low and come back up with no problem. I did not know Adam produced his GNT show and thanks for telling me. Dang he is so GIFTED, TALENTED. GOOOOOOOOOOD LOOKING….LOL LOL

      Big Big Hug and Luv Ya
      De De Tillman

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