Beyonce Can’t Walk Dress Too Tight (Video Link)

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Posted May 3, 2011 @ 12:53pm PST

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Singer Beyonce dress was so tight she could not walk up the steps without help from husband Jay-Z.  The paparazzi were not happy about that.  Beyonce is drop dead super-duper gorgeous however,  her singing is awful and the way she speak is even worst.  I listens to her commercials they are  one roll of sentence with dropped words.

For example: Beyonce will say> hal yo pepa ca my pepa, extremely fast.

should be> Have your people call my people.

Example 2> U vant uh prabam I gel u uh prabam

Should be> You want a problem, I will give you a problem.

Good for her because,  she has made millions from not being able to sing and even more for not pronouncing her words correctly.  Beyonce does not have a speech impairment,  she just need to slow it down and prononce her words,  I can’t explain her singing at all,  I just know I turn off the radio when her songs are on,  I just can’t take that sound.  Once again,  when she was with Destiny’s Child,  she was not known,  the moment she broke away took off her clothes,  Men has been drooling ever since.  She better watch what she eat so that she will not end up a fat butt like me. Check out the video and you will see that the dress she was wearing was too d-mn tight!  I love her shape and looks, I do not like her singing and grammar.

If she ever lose that beautiful shape she can forget it because  men who adore her now will drop her like a hot potato,  Beyonce will have at least one fan “Tyra Sanchez” (the other tyra)…

Here Is The Video:


7 thoughts on “Beyonce Can’t Walk Dress Too Tight (Video Link)

  1. In addition to my above previous comment, one of my flight attendant friends and co-workers, used to work for LiveNation. She met Beyonce back stage at one of her shows and said that she was soooooo nasty and demanding; not a nice person at all. Besides her pretty face, I often wonder what people see in her. I agree with DeDe that Beyonce has very poor grammar and enunciation of her words, especially being a composer and singer! However, she makes more money than I do so I suppose she has quite a few fans! :))

    1. Hey Lynda LMAO You are right no matter how bad she sounds she has fans lol I wish I had fans lol Is your friend a fan of Beyonce? Did you watch RuPaul Drag Race season 2? Tyra Sanchez worships the ground Beyonce walks on lol I am so sorry your friend had a bad experience. I heard her mother Tina was not friendly.

      I see Beyonce on camera and she is so sweet to her fans lol I have met thousands of Celebrities but, I have not met her yet.

      De De Tillman
      Hollywood, California

  2. I think ALL of her clothes are too tight and she is TOOOOOO big to be dressing the way she does. She is NOT 15 years old. She seems to show off her fake hair and crotch which is not classy just trashy. Furthermore, she has no real talent; all of her songs sound exactly the same. What happened to real R&B like Chaka Khan, Phyllis Hyman, Angela Bofill and Teena Marie? Music today sucks! Sorry for the language!

    1. Hi Lynda! Thank you so so much for viewing and commenting. I have to agree with you, Beyonce is drop dead gorgeous however, I really cannot take singing at all.. I don’t know what it is about her singing I just can’t handle it.. It’s a dot dot dot dot dot dot huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound that’s extremely fast. She speaks so fast, dance fast, sings fast. Did you see the blog on her dance in tight shorts? lol

      My favorite singers are my cousin Aretha Franklin whom I have not met, Jill Scott, My play niece Ebony Evans, the raspy sound of Kathy Sledge, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, new school, Christina Aguilera , Celine Dion, Joss Stone and I love the soothing music of my dear friend Robert Watson.

  3. Well what I can say was that the dress looked beautiful and extravagant, but better left unzipped lol. I don’t believe Beyonce has speech issues at all, I just think she has a certain way she talks and its not as bad as you say. Her voice is beautiful and she can blow most of these singers like ciara, straight out the water, but thatrs my oopinion.

    1. Hi Felisha! Thank you so much for being here and I do value your opinion, I agree with you regarding the dress lol Like I said no she does not have a speech issue it’s how she pronouce her words for televised commercials selling products. I studied acting for many years and we were not allowed to do that, we had to speak clear and enunciate each and every word. My ears are use to hearing Chaka Khan, Pattie LaBelle, Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blidge, Martha Wash, My Niece Ebony Evans and my cousin Aretha Franklin….

      Big Big Hug
      De De Tillman


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