Dallas Sweeps Los Angeles Sends Jackson Into Retirement

By: De De Tillman

Source: By JAIME ARON, AP Sports Writer

Posted: May 8, 2011 @ 9:41pm

SAN FRANCISCO- The Dallas Mavericks swept the Los Angeles Lakers sending Coach Phil Jackson into retirement.  This is so embarrassing for Los Angeles.  If the players would keep those da-n gold digging whor-s off the court they might have had a chance to win.

I don’t understand why athlete girlfriend/wives/ trash etc… has to be at the games,  if they were working for a fast food joint they would not be on the job watching them flip burgers and washing dishes.  When it’s time for a game,  here comes the trash,  if they win a championship here comes the trash riding on the floats. 

It’s fine for the parents/relatives/children to be on the float with them NOT the trash they sleep with.   The so-called wives have to have their section at the games,  they need their privacy… I say what Coach Pat Riley says keep their azz at home,  get a real job and stay away from the players,  they have a job to do and the trash they are with is a big distraction.   The Lakers attract tons of Hollywood Celebrities that pays BIG BUCKS for season tickets and this is the thanks they get.

Coach Pat Riley did not play that mess, they would not have been allowed to bring their gold digging sticky azzes around the players.  Maybe next season Kobe, Lamar and the others will leave their trash at home while they are WORKING….   A clean sweep by Dallas is so da-n embarrassing and unnecessary.  Thanks Vanessa,  Khloe and the rest of the garbage…

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    1. Hey Robert! Thank you so much sweetie, I want you to be careful because you are a star and I don’t want anyone coming after you because you are a star…

      De De

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