Jada Pinkett-Smith And Will Smith On Oprah’s Final Show

By: De De Tillman

Source: Yahoo/OMG

Posted: May 11, 2011 @6:40pm

SAN FRANCISCO_  It seems to be the Smiths may be the ones celebrating with Oprah on her last show.  I know it’s Oprah’s show and she can do whatever she wish,  why not have the cast of “All My Children and “One Life To Live” on her final show and her biggest fan “Ellen DeGeneres”

If Oprah just want and need and have to have a Black Couple on her last show,  all she has to do is ask her best friend Gayle for help.  Hollywood has more Black married couples other than Will and Jada.   I love Will, he is a great man with a great attitude,  Jada urks/Irks the living sh-t out of  me, Yes she is super drop dead gorgeous however, I DO NOT have respect for her because,  when Will was married Jada should have stayed out of it,  the marriage may not have survived but,  we will never know.

I was given a call to work on “Pursuit Of Happyness” but,  I turned it down, I was not able to make it however,  My daughter “La Tray” was on the set with Smith and said he was so so so sweet and very good-looking.

I am certain if Oprah looks hard enough she will find another Black Hollywood Couple to be on her last show.. or, Just have Wiil on there.

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