Adam Lambert 2-Year-Old Fan Says “Go Adam” (Video)

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Posted: Saturday May 14, 2011 2:45pm

Updated: Wednesday November 2, 2011 @ 2:25 pm PST

I found this 2 years old video of a 2 year old fan of  Adam Lambert,  this baby is so adorable just like the “glycofamily said.  Please check out this cute baby,  he is truly Adam Lambert Fan, Oh yes!  Beverly is in line ahead of the baby. I hope Adam has seen this video,  I am going to tweet this to him. This goes to show that a 2-year-old knows good singing and that Adam Rocks!!


13 thoughts on “Adam Lambert 2-Year-Old Fan Says “Go Adam” (Video)

  1. De De: I go way back with Michael when he started as lead singer with the Jackson 5. I think he was about 9-10. He was so adorable that I didn’t notice the rest of his siblings. He was a lot like Adam. When MJ was on the stage we just couldn’t take our eyes off of him. I took it hard when he passed away. He was one in 100 million.

    1. Hey Sharon, It still does seem real that Michael Is gone! I have met the whole Jackson family except Mrs. Jackson. Jermaine, and the oldest sister Rebbie. I actually shook hands with Michael and yougest brother Randy…

      De De

      1. You are so lucky that you shook MJ hand. My gosh… I was watching an interview with Lisa Marie a few months ago and she stated something about when you are in his presense you are drawn to him and she felt like that alot when around him. There are only a few entertainers that I have felt that way about Elvis, Stevie Wonder, Michael and Adam. Never met MJ or saw him live but still felt that way when he was on stage.

      2. Hey Sharon! Wow! Yes I met Michael and shook his hand lol I also shook his youngest brother Randy’s hand, I knew Michael’s oldest brother Jackie, he was married to my buddy “Enid” Jackie was cheating on her with Paula Abdul, Enid was so hurt, she died from a broken heart, Enid was introduced to Jackie by Jermaine’s ex wife Hazel Gordy, Berry Gordy’s daugther. Enid collapsed in Las Vegas and died, she was so damn sweet.

        Stevie Wonder and his 3rd wife was in the city about 3 weeks ago shopping lol. I got Michael’s autograph for a friend of mine, she was so in love with him.. lol I got Randy’s autograph for myself….

        De De

  2. That little 2 yr old is so precious and definitely an Adam fan. It was interesting to watch how he stopped what he was doing when Adam was singing. I guess we are all affected in the same way no matter how old we are. GO Adam, GO Adam GO Adam…

  3. Saw this quite a while ago and it’s one of many children who appear to be totally mesmerized by Adam! I surely can understand that!! All kidding aside ~ They say children have an inate ability to see things we as adults have a harder time distinquising (as goodness) w/no questions asked! Adam has an aura (sp?) about him that exudes love! They see that and are drawn to it! I am very much a child at heart and was drawn in & lost in it from day one!!

    I will give up my #1 spot to this sweet baby!

    1. Hey Beverly Ahh you are so sweet to give up your spot in line for that cute baby, I hope you know when you step back, Sharon will gain 1st inline LMAO…

      Luv U Much
      De De

    2. Beverly I’ve decided it’s a three- way tie between De De you and I. It’s hard to measure love isn’t it. Adam affects us in so many good ways. I was discussing with another fan how Adam seems to have an aura that glows & within that aura there seems to be a magnetic field that just draws us into him. I don’t hink even he realizes his total effect he has on us.

      1. Hey Sharon, I think you are right Sharon I might have to be a 3-way tie LMAO, The only other Artist to have this affect on my was Michael Jackson and I am so glad I have the honors of meeting Michael. SWEET GUY.. I met him during the Thiller days…

    3. Beverly we have to meet someday you are awesome. Maybe De De you and I can meet at a concert when Adam tours again. We would have a ball together I can tell.

      1. Hey Sharon! I totally agree with you the three of us would rule the concert LMAO Beverly is a riot! lol I love you both so much!

        Big Hug and Love
        De De

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