Scotty McCreery The Next American Idol

By: De De Tillman

Source: De De Tillman / La Tray

Posted: May 15, 2011 @ 9;34pm

HOLLYWOOD_  American Idol has never had a young country singer as young as 17 years of age so,  Scotty McCreery just might be American Idol Season 10 winner.  Scotty will receive votes from teenage girls from all over the world and of course country artists.

Video By: samBOWSSBeauge /YouTube/McCreery Singing Young Blood


4 thoughts on “Scotty McCreery The Next American Idol

  1. I don’t think Scotty will win as he didn’t come in first last week Haley did. He came in 3rd. He’s usually 1st or 2nd at least that’s what AI wants us to think. But he’s getting most of the teen girl vote. However Haley just might win this whole thing. Durbin fans are blaming Adam for James being voted off based on his tweet about his opinions of the contestants last 2 weeks. I truly believe he helped her get more fans and his fans US voted heavily for her last week. Adam says it and it happens. Or something like that.

    1. Hey Sharon, If I was voting I would vote for Haley, She is not great however with pratice and a good vocal coach she will be outstanding. The Lauren Alaina person is mono tone, their is nothing there I don’t know how she made it this far. lol Like you said, Adam knows music because Adam is music…lol

      De De

      1. Well my lady this is first time we haven’t agreed on something. I wasn’t a fan of Haley’s because her growl got to me. However once she toned it down I now appreciate her music abilities. Adam tweeted about just how great she was as a vocalist, her stage presense and that she was the whole package. So I started listening to her more carefully and guess what he was right. I then became a fan of hers and am voting like crazy for her to win this whole thing. Can you imagine a finale with Scotty and Lauren? Boring to say the least. It’s not Country Ido. I don’t really watch the others on that show I tune in only to see her performances and then vote after the show is over. In my opinion the show is history after this season. The Voice and X-Factor will rule. In fact X-Factor is supposed to be on same nights as AI.

      2. Hey Sharon, “Scotty McCreery is jut the title of the blog! lol OMG if he wins, I know for sure the show is rigged lol I don’t watch it anymore but, from what I have seen, Haley would be the best, all she need is vocal training from a good coach! In about 2 years she should be okay. lol Everyone can’t jump in like Adam and be a winner lol lol

        De De

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