American Idol Season 10 Voting System Rigged

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Posted: Friday May 20, 2011 @6:39pm PST

Updated: Saturday November 12. 2011 @ 2:15 pm PST

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In my opinion American Idol season 10 voting system is rigged, and I’m entitled to my opinion.  I’ve said Many times American Idol picks what they don’t have for a particular season. The two contestants Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, one male and one female, both teens both country.

No matter how many or how least amount of votes, the two final contestants would still be the same as well. Idol did  not want or need Haley Reinhart.  Jealousy and a fake rigged voting system is the meaning of American Idol. They have the viewers thinking they are the ones voting. Besides, It’s always “The First Ever” with Idol. The first of what they don’t have.

I watched American Idol from season 2-8  and here is what happens each season. My overall favorite was season 8 with the incredible Adam Lambert placed second to the winner Kris Allen. Lambert was given an enormous amount of attention and  most of the time he received praised reviews from the judges plus caputuring Americas hearts with his unique style but at the end they turned on him by cheating with power voting for Allen and voted against him because he’s gay.

Season 7  it was the two “Davids”, David Cook and David Archuleta which Cook deserved to win, he was superb. Season 6  Jordin Sparks won the title but  Melinda Doolittle who placed third had the better voice. Sparks had the looks and age that Idol wanted to market. Season 5 Idol wanted a Michael McDonald sound, so they chose soul patrol Taylor Hicks. However, Hicks was unable to prove he earned the title when it came down to the Billboard charts and record sells which he failed.

American Idol didn’t show Paula Abdul the money which led her to leave and now she’s headed to The  X Factor to join Simon Cowell.

American Idol Season 10 Voting System Is Rigged! In my opinion

4 thoughts on “American Idol Season 10 Voting System Rigged

  1. I am fixing to release a video that shows my family voting for James Durbin at idol01 and the recording says thankyou for voting for contestant 3 and the online voting we clicked contestant 1 and Haley s pic popped up ! We repeated this 20 times and all captured on video and when I post it , it will be damming .

    1. Hey John! Once you put it together will you PLEASE GIVE ME permission to blog it out! Thank you for viewing my blogs and commenting, please spread the word about my blogs, Yes! American Idol is rigged…

      De De Tillman

  2. Oh I agree with you about the voting system. 1st power texting in Scotty’s hometown put him at the top ea week. Despite what some think the voting demographic this season was mainly young female teens who normally vote for a young male. We all know what happened with S8 and how Kris won. Same issue power texting from Arkansas and a book by Kerry Kolsch proves that point. With help from VIP from AT&T, free cell phones and instructions on how to use bolted Kris to top starting right after “Feelin Good” night when Kris ended up in bottom 2. Adam was not in bottom 2. But AI had to add a bit of drama to keep us all guessing. 2nd. S10 Top 3 voting nite was a farse. I attempted to vote for Haley via phone and got fast busy signal for 1 straight hour. Then miraculously I got through. This is example of how they keep ppl like Haley out of the running. They block lines for 1st hour or so then open back up just to make us think it’s fair. Wrong..AI has lost all credibility for me and many others.

    1. Hey Sharon is sickens me to know that AI is robbing people who truly deserves to win, Adam worked so got d-mn hard only to have the title ripped for him because a bunch of teenage girls had a crush on a married man and yes, AT&T, I am too finished with that rigged out azz show We can start watching The X Factor.

      Who do you want to see win, Lauren or Scotty?
      De De

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