Has The Table Turned On Scotty McCreery?

By: De De Tillman

Source: Entertainer La Tray

Posted: Wednesday May 25, 2011 @ 3:57 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO – Last night on American Idol the table turned on Scotty McCreery, this was the exact same thing that happened to Adam Lambert,  Adam was number 1 until the last show then out of nowhere here comes Allen just like McCreery and now here comes Alaina!  I will be glad when this rigged show is no longer on the air. 

 The show shouldn’t have fans calling, wasting their time, and minutes knowing  the show is not looking at the votes from the people. Why can’t this show be like “Showtime At The Apollo”?  Fans were voting right then and there by booing or cheering from their seats. You knew exactly who the winner was. There was no such thing as fans voting by calling a number or judges given their opinions. It’s interesting how American Idol doesn’t televise the votes to the viewers, only tell you how many votes came in which is always millions and millions.  

Furthermore, Lauren Alaina was nowhere to be found, it was HALEY HALEY HALEY, then it was Scotty and Haley,  then Scotty, now Perfect Pitch Golden Girl Lauren Alaina.  How did Alaina come from the back of nowhere?  Is Idol picking her to win because the show hasn’t had a  female singer as the winner since season 6 Jordin Sparks? Sparks was also 17 and the first youngest Idol to win. Normally, Idol chooses who they don’t have and of course this season is any different. I believe Scotty has the better advantage to win because of all his teenage girl fans and his appealing personality.

As the show ends tonight, We will see who American Idol wanted as “Their Idol”.

2 thoughts on “Has The Table Turned On Scotty McCreery?

  1. I watched this season closely. My vote always went to HALEY. Her voice is utterly unique. Powerful and raspy. Her Led Zepplin rendition was KICK ASS, even despite her unfortunate misstep. I agree that popular vote does not determine the outcome. I certainly would not like to be in a sole judgment position as each one of the final three brought something different to there extraordinary talents, Maybe they can really profit by taking a daily hour show-IDOL Country, IDOL rock and roll, IDOL pop, IDOL rap, and then IDOL oldies. That would be a ratings buster!

    1. Hello room 147! I agree with you regarding Haley, she sound much better to me than James, Scotty and Lauren. American Idol has been rigged since day 1. Thanks for commenting and I do hope to see more comments from you..

      De De

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