Adam Lambert vs James Durbin Music Boxing Match

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ADAM LAMBERT SINGING “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” Dedicated To: Sharon, Beverly and HollywoodHolly CLICK BELOW

Posted: Friday May 27, 2011 @ 12:21am PST

Updated: Thursday November 10, 2011 @ 2:10 pm PST

Now that the rigged show called American Idol is over, the real competition will begin between season 8 runner-up (The Real Winner) Adam Lambert and season 10 fourth place James Durbin.  Durbin was often compared to Lambert and when Durbin was voted off  he said  “I’ve done so much stuff that has never been done on this show before.” Lambert is considered the best Idol has ever seen. Lambert came from another planet and took Idol to another level. Lambert is out of this world supberb! It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens between the two of them as professional music competitors.

After Durbin signs his recording contract, the world will see what he can or cannot do. As the same for Lambert, can his sophomore album exceed his debut. Well Lambert definitely has enough talent to do so, that’s for sure.

The comparison of Lambert and Durbin is that they are both from the state of California, although Lambert was born in Indiana, however he is from San Diego and Durbin from Santa Cruz which are both water cities. Both were born in the 80’s and they celebrate birthdays in January.  They both were in the theater production Grease, of course at different times. Although, Lambert is considered Pop Rock and Durbin is considered Heavy Metal, this heavy metal influence represented glam in the 80’s with guys wearing make-up. However, Lambert did showcase his heavy metal voice to Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” on Idol which was sensational. Finally, both love hitting and belting out  really high notes. Of course Lambert has more of a powerful and better quality voice than Durbin.

Is Durbin copying after Lambert? Did he study Lambert when he was on idol? Is there any footage of Durbin before Lambert was shown on Idol in 2009? Is this truly Durbin’s style or what?  It is really a competition? Is the media putting to much in it with the comparison of Lambert and Durbin?  The media loves to stir up something. Only time will tell.

Round 1 will be song release,  album release, music video release, TV interviews, Tv show performances.

Round 2 will be sold out worldwide concert tours.

Round 3  the collection of fans such as; Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Official Website and etc…

Round 4  Billboard Charts.

Round 5  the sale of their songs, albums, music videos, ringtones, clothing merchandise (T- shirts, caps and hoodies).

Last Round is who knocks out whom with their music career.

Who Will  Win The Music Boxing Match Lambert or Durbin?






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31 thoughts on “Adam Lambert vs James Durbin Music Boxing Match

  1. I don’t think it’s that deep. I think 99.9999% of people could care less about the “match” between Adam and James. I don’t even think the Glamberts care that much. In the words of Adam himself, “put your blinders up and just focus on your art”. That being said, Durbfan, nobody likes an “holier than thou” music snob. Rock camp? Electropop is crap? This sounds like someone who has invested too much of their ego into their tastes in music. Music = Entertainment, singers are not sports teams, I don’t understand why people treat it like so.

  2. Dede90028 repeat after me at least 100 times:


    Get the picture?

    1. Repeat after yourself Please say the following at least I million times to see if it will register, If it does not Repeat!

      I Durbfan does not know talent when I hear it
      I Durbfan enjoy listening to someone who copies off real talent
      I Durbfan Is putting money in De De’s pockets each time I leave a message
      I Durbfan Can’t vote yet I have something to say that makes no sense to Dubfan
      I Dubfan should be grateful that De De puts up with my naiveness because ALL posts are moderated and she does not have to approve them at all because she is getting paid for my clicks anyway.

      I Durbanfan will find a new toy or pet to keep me busy because, De De will be busy supporting ADAM LAMBERT with hsi SECOND ALBUM because the one I could NOT vote for has not come out with the first one yet because he is busy trying to find a HEAVY METAL ARTIST TO COPY FROM…

      YOU GOT IT?
      YOU GET IT?

  3. QUOTE
    Is Durbin copying after Lambert? Did he study Lambert when he was on idol? Is there any footage of Durbin before Lambert was shown on Idol in 2009? Is this truly Durbin’s style or what?

    LOL, Durbin was too bussy struggling to feed his kid to spend hours studying Lambert’s every move.

    Yes there is plenty of footage of Durbin on YouTube covering hard rock & metal songs before Adam was on Idol.

    Yes this (metal) is truly Durbin’s style. Though he has sung other styles (he once won an amateur country singing competition) but most of his pre-Idol work is hard rock & metal with bands like Guitarmy, Whatever Fits & The Hollywood Scars.

    1. Thanks for stirring anon, You CLICKED on it and stirred it, Thanks for the hit! Love it, Come back soon…

      Kss Kiss

      De De Tillman

  4. Hello, IDEK why I’m commenting here…but first I have to ask…you’re assuming James GETS a recording contract. In most seasons only the top 2 or 3 have been signed with a random 4-10 standout. I personally think that James’ arrogant, self-centered, juvenile attitude (my way or the highway and I’m making a metal album or else) attitude will cause the label concern and possible cause them to pass on signing him. Labels are in it to make money and an album of songs that have a limited fanbase and no radio outlet is not going to make money. 19M is NOT going to sign anyone to a major label unless they are confident the music will get airplay on either pop or country radio. PERIOD. You can’t “bring metal back”. Metal never left but it is a closed genre and the fans are EXTREMELY loyal to the veterans of the genre. I actually think James is talented enough that he could make a successful pop/rock type of album in the vein of Daughtry (although he needs some serious voice lessons to be able to deliver live anywhere in the same hemisphere as Adam). I think ultimately the biggest obstacle to James having a successful career is James himself. All that being said, Adam has already won this match before it even began.

    1. Hi number8gurl! Thank you for being here and commenting, I truly appreciate it and I did not watch Idol. I stopped watching when Lambert lost however, My email and twitter was full of Durbin. I don’t like the fact where he thought he brought sometthing to Idol that NO OTHER contestan brought! I damn near fainted when he said that lol Because, Adam Lambert grabbed it, took it to orbit and beyond……

      I do wish James the best and, I hope he is not trying to be Adam… You are so right about everything you said… If you tweet, Please tweet about my site and Retweet.

      Big Hug and Thanks

      De De Tillman Actress/ Scriptwriter /Celebrity Blogger

      1. Uh you just admitted that you didn’t watch the show this season, if you did you would know what James was talking about when he said he did things on the show that no other contestant did. He was right and I’ll list them for you:

        1. Pyros
        2. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest – first metal ever sung on Idol. Oh and Judas Priest approves btw.
        3. Flaming piano
        4. Operatic military garb + marching drum line
        5. And the most epic performance on Idol ever – Heavy Metal with Zakk Wylde, complete with face melting guitar solo.

      2. Well Hello Durban I sure did say I did not watch Idol this season or the one before that one NO I DID NOT WATCH IT… Guess what! He did allllllll of that and guess what again? HE DID NOT WIN… LMAO lol

        I Have a List For You
        1. James did not win
        2. James did not make it to the end
        3. James is not season 10 Winner
        4. He did whatever he did and guest what? He did not win

        5. Did I mention HE DID NOT WIN….

    2. Hi again number8gurl, I forgot to tell you that I know 3 other women would agree with you Beverly, Sharon and HollywoodHolly,,, lol

      De De

    3. LOL James has some major heavyweights backing him such as Zakk Wylde, Mike Portnoy & Judas Priest. And they all agree that he is the real deal.

      1. LOL like who? Sure Queen & Slash were impressed till he decided to make electro-pop crap, and all the rock fans he had during his Idol run (myself included) have moved to Durbin camp.

    4. LMFAO!!!! Adam did NOT win either, so your point is? Seriously is that the best you got?

  5. Hi De De,
    I certainly agree with your evaluation, but I think Adam would prefer us not to stir up fan wars. So I’m letting the Durbin fans do that while focusing on the joy I get from the amazing Adam Lambert. I really hope James succeeds and I think he will do fine, but comparisons are always counterproductive. It didn’t feel good when people kept comparing Adam to Daughtry, Underwood, and Clarkson. So I’d rather not do that to James either. Adam decided after his comments caused trouble that he would say something nice or nothing at all. I think it’s a very good policy!

    1. Hey Mary! I want to thank you so much for being here and I do wish James all the best, The media is the one who started the comparison and It’s not Adam fault that he’s the best!! lol

      De De

  6. Sorry, I wasn’t finished after all! The hate that has been directed at Adam by James fans, because of misquotes by the media of something said has been MOST hateful and very stressful to me as a fan, however I do wish him the best. The AI management are crazy about Adam, interviewers love & respect him & producers, other artist seem to really like him emensely. Not very smart starting out bashing someone who people in the “business” hold in such high esteem! Wish him a good life & some good training in etiquitte & training his voice. Loved when he sang “As my quitar weeps”. Don’t believe he’s Heavy Metal though! This is all my opinion and I respect the fact that everyone has a right to theirs! I will love Adam until I draw my last breath and who knows after that????

  7. OK DeDe, are you trying to get me riled up??? No H8 to James, but NO WAY I THERE ANY COMPARISON! First off boy has to be trained in humilty! I’m sure part of his “opening mouth inserting foot” is probably his disorder….. that only excuses to a certain extent. I don’t know anyone w/what James has, but many people have remarked they do & there’s no excuse for his rudness! First dumb thing ~ don’t bring Adam up and later say ” I don’t know why I’m being compared” ? Dahhh! You are the one who brought it up! I personally use to get quite upset when I heard the comparisons! The only reason I tuned in when I did since AI8 was AI9 Adam mentored (the only participant on Idol to be given that honor (unless you can prove me wrong)! I watched a few times this year to first, see Adam sing Aftermath, 2nd to see this “Adam’s twin” people were tweeting about and yes folks they were talking physical twin ~ I won’t even discuss how ludicris that one is!!!! People get yourself a GOOD pair of glasses & a GOOD hearing aide! De De any H8 remarks I get from my comment is your fault! You’re the one who took a stick and stirred this pot & YOU KNEW how I’d respond!!!!! ROFLMAO!!

    1. Oh Lordy Girl! Beverly LMAO You have me rolling on the damn floor laughing, I told my daughter Beverly is going to wake up now lol I feel the exact same way as you.. James 1000% tried to copy off Adam. I was so pissed at him for that, I bet he had in his mind he was married so therefore he should win! I see nothing of him like Adam except for him trying to copy off Adam….

      Love U Much
      De De

      1. Oh yeah James 1000% tried to copy Adam by painting his nails, wearing guyliner & glitter, singing electro-pop dirge that GaGa & Ke$ha are so much better at, oh yeah and kissing dudes onstage & shoving their faces into his crotch! Did I miss anything?

      2. Hello Durfan! OH yes my friend you missed a lot and I mean a whole lot! Did you see the part where Ryan Seacrest told James he was going home? LMAO I bet you did not miss that…

        Kiss Kiss To You and did I mention JAMES DID NOT WIN?????

        With So Much Love
        De De Tillman

      3. Durfan my fan! James made a baby so he is doing what he is suppose to do and that’s take care of his child. Let me end this by saying JAMES DID NOT WIN… He did copy off Adam and still did not win, what can I say? He was sent home, I did not send him home if you had spent more time voting on that rigged show and not on the internet he might have won but. then again I would not have you for a fan…

        I want you to come back I am enjoying sending you kisses… Mmmmmmmmmmmm

        Thanks for being my fan!!
        Love Hugs and Kisses From Adam Lambert’s fan
        Kiss Kiss
        De De Tillman

      4. Did I mention that Adam did not win? Didn’t you know that he in fact did not win? BTW I have an excuse for not voting, I can’t cause I’m not a US citizen, what’s your excuse for failing to vote Adam to the top?

        Oh and I’m loving the hugs & kisses, keep em coming and I’ll keep coming back for more 🙂

      5. You are not a citizen! Adam did not win because Idol rigged system could not handle the magitude of his talent.

      6. Durban! Durbin was number FOUR Lambert was NUMBER 2 In a rigged system and still came out AHEAD of copy cat Durbin… THIS IS IT, THE CASE IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED….


        With Love
        De De

  8. I have to say my respect and praise to Durbin has nothing to do with his talent. It is more his ability to strive with his handicap. As far as Lambert, missed that season, but I am sure the word of AD tells me he will be one I will hear about soon.

    1. Hi Room 147! You missed the best Idol ever if you missed the one with Adam Lambert, Season 8 was the best and i have not watched any more seasons, the only way I know about this season was the fact my email and twitter pages were full…. Thanks for being here Room 147.

      Thanks and Hugs
      De De

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