Justin Timberlake Reminisce About Britney Spears

By: De De Tillman

Source:Popeater /Vanity Fair/ Kiki Von Glinow

Posted> Thursday June 2, 2011 @ 10:25am

SAN FRANCISCO –  Singer Justin Timberlake reminisced about the relationship he once shared with Singer Britney Spears. Timberlake spoke highly about Spears and that both of them are now mature and has grown up.  Justin said “”We were two birds of the same feather — small-town kids, doing the same thing,” Timberlake told Vanity Fair. “But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn’t make any sense. I won’t speak on her, but at least for me, I was a totally different person”.  Timberlake is an amazing guy with respect for his ex.

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