Beyoncé: Essence Magazine Photo Shoot Almost Nude (Video)

By: De De Tillman / La Tray

Source: PopEater

Posted: Thursday June 9, 2011 @ 7:25 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Beyoncé’s Essence magazine cover shoot is entitled Eat, Play, Love. The theme is country-style, however, the photographs taken of her makes it appear she’s nude in a bathing tub outside in the field.


8 thoughts on “Beyoncé: Essence Magazine Photo Shoot Almost Nude (Video)

  1. De De:
    I agree I have never understood what all the hype is about ref: Beyonce. After watching a movie she produced and starrred in I saw another side of her never seen before. Even in the movie near the end when she found out her hubby was cheating her real way of talking came through loud and clear. She talks like some street hoar sorry but true. She isn’t a good singer too much autotune. Otherwise she pretty. But that’s it.

    1. Hey Sharon lol how are you sweetie? I agree with you lol Beyonce is very very beautiful however, I can do without the singing and her speaking. I don’t dislike her I just can’t take the way she sings and speak.

      Luv U
      De De

  2. okay so here is my take, first she sounded much better as destiny’s child and quite frankly i was never ready for her jelly. Seeing her in this goddess like video just don’t look right. the performance doesn’t set into the scene. it should have less horses and more muscly men hung like such. (ok bad joke)

    1. Well hello Room 147! You are such a delight and I love when I click to my comments and see you here! I agree with you regarding Beyonce, I am not a fan because, I have never heard her sing,, all I hear is a robot type sound and the sad part is she sings the way she speaks. You can take someone from England sing and you don’t hear an accent until they speak. I love when artist from the UK sing and speak.

      In one of her commercials she says “hal yo pepa cal my pepa” She should pronounciate and say “Have your people call my people” She speaks and sings tooooooooooooo damn fast~ I grew up listening to The Brits and Motown.. Her singing and speaking is very ugly. She is georgeous but damn when she opens her mouth OUCH…. lol

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