Prince Harry: I’m Staying Single For A Long Time

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Blog Source: PopEater –  Kelly Fisher

Posted: Saturday June 11, 2011 @ 1:37 am PST

According to US Weekly,  a vet ask Prince Harry when was he getting married a question millions of people are asking and want to know.  The Prince said  “Not for a long time.”

Does Prince Harry’s sometime girlfriend and sometime not girlfriend Chelsy Davy has anything to worry about?   The  Prince has been spotted with Pippa Middleton and shows no sign of settling down with Davy.

It seems like the Prince is enjoying bachelor hood and does not have immediate plans to get married.  The sexy drop dead gorgeous red-head Prince is single and staying that way for a long time.  Ladies!  Get your letters together and write the Single Prince Harry Of Wales and Good Luck.

4 thoughts on “Prince Harry: I’m Staying Single For A Long Time

  1. I think one royal wedding per decade is enough. If he is smart, he will wait a few years, get involved and then in 2020 give the public what it had been waiting for, another royal wedding. Hopefully the new princess will share his wacky personality. Then put on a show that would be set a new kind of royal precedent, outrageous!

    1. Hey Room 147, The next Royal Wedding will be between Prince Andrew and De De Tillman lol Princess De De has a very nice ring to it..LMAO

      De De

      1. Jeeez, sounds like de de is going through menopause backwards. First Charlie Sheen, now Prince Harry. Who’s next, shrek?

      2. Room 147, Menopause is not a nice thing to say to a woman lol Shrek has been my husband for a long time, all I need now to complete my list is Chalres Barkley… You are a Sag? Scary…lol

        De De

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