Where Is Soul Train Dancer Pat Davis (Madame Butterfly) (Videos & New Interview)

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Every week television from all over tuned in to watch the hit running show Soul Train;  it was not only a place to hear current music, see your favorite performer singing their latest hit and  great dancing,  it was  the fashion, make-up and hair show.  Fashion starts in New York and ends in Los Angeles; however,  Pat Davis styles started in Hollywood  and landed in New York.

Patricia Davis is best known as Pat Davis,  Madame Butterfly, The Butterfly and China Doll. The dancers were featured in the magazine “Right On.”

Davis was an eye catcher with her great dance moves, well styled hair and grace.  Pat was considered the prettiest dancer on the show.   My favorite Soul Train Dancers were Damita Jo Freeman whom I know but have lost contact,  and Pat Davis.   There was a Soul Train Reunion both Freeman and Davis  attended.

Thanks To Stephen McMillian Pat Davis Has Been Found And Interviewed.  Davis and McMillian Are Good Friends



IMDb  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1012700/bio

A Tribute To  (The Butterfly)Video Credit: lyslinger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaiyuAUelyE

Pat Davis As The Cake Dancer From The Movie Disco 9000 Scene 1976 Video Credit:  By Bifftar

14 thoughts on “Where Is Soul Train Dancer Pat Davis (Madame Butterfly) (Videos & New Interview)

  1. I just want to say ,I’ve a 80’s babie,but grew up on soul train,Ms pat Davis wow amazing dancer, beautiful, I would love to hear from her about all her stories,it seems like those days were so much fun,an is she still living

    1. Hi Latoria, so am I. I could not wait to buy the Magazine that featured the Soul Train Dancers. Pat earned the name Madam Butterfly. I tried my best to fix my hair like her’s. Never worked lol I understand she’s marred, liviing overseas and singing.. I Love Love Her

  2. HI Stephen McMillian! my name is Brandon Brooks , and I’m a big fan of Soul Train I must say that Pat Davis is my favorite & Lisa Jones,Fawn Q,Sharon Hill,Vicki A,Eddie Cole is the one I became friends on Facebook with ,and I told him how much I admire Pat Davis what a classy Lady, and he spoke with her Thanks to God she call me about three years ago I still have her voice on my A/M. by the I love the interview you did with her amazing.

    I a fan of Miss Jody Watley also & Wanda Fuller they are and always will be the orignals Dancer of Soul Train.
    God Bless Brandon Brooks.

    1. I am an absolute fan of Patricia Davis. She is by far the best dancer that has ever danced on Soul Train; that’s just my opinion. There just isn’t enough information on her. I’ve tried to find recent pictures on her but I have not been successful. I would love to meet her and tell her how much she has inspired me. I read an article on Eddie Cole and know that he and Pat Davis are close friends. I’m hoping that maybe he could help me contact her. I saw a video of her singing worship songs in a church. I am also a praise and worship lesader. Hopefully I’ll hear from someone soon.


      1. Hi Candy,

        I more than agree with you. I have an idea that might work. Get in touch with “Hollywood Unsung” and they will be able to find her and do a current story on her because, a lot of people are looking for her. Last I heard she got married and was living overseas. I remember when she had on this beautiful blue dress, I was told she made the dress.

        I was friends with Damita Joe Freeman..

        De De Tillman

  3. Growing up in the 1970’s was not easy because we didn’t have people that looked like us on tv. Thanks to the wonderful Mr. Don C. Soul Train was born giving young girls like me joy and happiness. I absolutely adored lady Patricia Davis. I always wondered if she was my age. How old is lady Pat Davis?? I graduated in 1976 and during my freshmen years thru my senior year in high school I always dressed with flowers and butterflies in my hair. When the Pointer Sisters came out, I also got my mothers old clothes and shoes to dress like the 40’s. I was viewed as weird but I was so happy that someone else enjoyed dressing like me. Pat had class and I loved that style also.

    The interview was ABSOLUTELY wonderful and THANK YOU for giving us update information about my FAVORITE ST dancer. Does Lady Pat have any children? Where in Austria does she live? Has she opened her web page? Thank U for the update information about Pat and other ST dancers. God Bless U and keep you!!

  4. I loved the interview. Do you have any current pictures of lady Pat Davis?? I would love to see current pictures of her and family.

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    1. Hi Stephen, OMG Thank you so much! I will post the link and give you credit on the blog page. I could not wait until Soul Train was on Saturdays so I could see what Pat Was wearing.. I later became friends with Damita Jo Freeman however, it’s been a very long time since I’ve spoken to her… Thanks a million for reading my blog and for letting the world know about Pat. She is so loved…

      Thank You So Much
      De De Tillman

      1. You are most welcome De De! It’s my pleasure. Pat is a very down to earth person. She is currently having a website developed. I’ll keep you posted.

      2. Thank you much Stephen Pat is one awesone BEAUTIFUL woman and I did not miss a show. I remember her wearing this beautiful blue dress on the show Pat is on classy woman and girls of today could learn a lot from her. Thanks again and anytime you need a blog done on you please let me know.

        Many Hugs and Thanks
        De De Tillman
        Celebrity Blogger

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