Adam Lambert Fans Waiting For New Album

Written By: De De Tillman

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Posted: Saturday June 18, 2011 @ 1:15 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Sexy Hot King Of Glam Adam  Lambert is in the studio working on his second Album and his fans can’t wait because we know it’s going to start in the universe, go into orbit, out in space and all around the world.  I still say Adam should be granted permission to cover one of the Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson’s songs.

The perfect MJ song Adam could cover and it would skyrock would be (Give In To Me) and (What Ever Happens).  I hope after Adam leaves the studio he is getting plenty of rest because once he drops the new Album he will be so busy touring,  interviews, signing autographs, benefits and more.  Lambert might have to hire someone just to tell him what city or country he is in, that’s how busy he will be.

The studio should give Lambert full control of his songs because he knows what he wanst to deliver and what works for him.  I hope the CD will bring some vocal-range songs that American Idol tried to keep him from doing because they knew the stage was not able to handle such an outstanding and unstoppable talent.


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  1. Can Not Wait For This Album!!!! Counting The Days!! It’s Going To Be INCREDIBLE I Know It!

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