Jaleel White: (Steve Urkel) I Made Shitloads Of Money (Video)

Written By: De De Tillman

Source: Vanity Fair Magazine -Mike Ryan

Posted Monday June 20, 2011 @ 1:50 pm PST

Video Credit: YouTube (laughvids) – TV Land

Actor Jaleel White (Family Matters’s Steve Urkel)  was interviewed by Vanity Magazine where he said he was the original Rudy Huxtable until Keshia Knight  Pulliam walked in the door.  Two names were called Malcolm-Jamal Warner  and Tempestt Bledsoe, the rest sent home.

White was hurt and started crying because, he was casted as “Rudy.” White went on to say that the cut from The Cosby Show made him shitloads of money from Family Matters.  White got his first acting role as a child piano prodigy on The Jeffersons.  White said Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) was so nice to him.

When ask about his relationship with Reginald VelJohnson White said it was a strain between him and the rest of the cast members however he is still in contact with certain members.

White spoke a little about Tyler Perry TV Show Meet The Paynes he said ”  I don’t want to sound like I’m dissing Tyler Perry, but making three or four episodes in one week is not the same in terms of production value of what we did, one a week. Technically, I guess he passed us. More power to him, but it might as well be YouTube videos”.

Jaleel White is now 34.

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