Chris Brown Can’t Even Piss Without Somebody Complaining

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Source: Chris Brown Twitter

Posted: Friday June 24, 2011 @ 2:20 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO – Singer Chris Brown is so tired of people complaining. Brown said on his Twitter, “Latching on to my every word and criticizing makes you look thirsty. I can’t even piss without somebody complaining. Imagine how I feel.”  I can say, when he allegedly beat Rihanna and allegedly smash ABC Studio window, image how they may have felt.

Brown said,  ” A person should not have to apologize every second for living life!  Brown is right, one should not have to apologize every second, at the same time, people should not have to be in fear when he is around, they do not know what’s going to trigger his anger.

Brown went on to say ” This will make things a whole lot easier. If you don’t like/support me then don’t listen to my music.”  Once again,  Brown is right, if you don’t like or support him don’t listen to his music. Either you love him or hate him.

Chris Brown can sing and dance,  he is young and  talented.   Let’s hope he can keep his anger under control so that the media  can report on his talent.

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  1. I think that Chris Brown needs to go away for a couple of years and work on himself and his personal problems. His bad reputation is what killing his career.

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