Adam Lambert: For The Record To Some Lambert Fans

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Source: Twitter Posts

Sunday June 26, 2011 @ 11:35 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO -For The Record, I tweeted what “Other Adam Lambert Fans”  were saying about Adam Lambert’s personality has changed since Sauli. It was “NOT” what “I”  De De Tillman said.  I tweeted to another person along with tweeting Adam Lambert on what people are saying about him because he has a right to know what his other fans are saying. I tweeted Adam so he can be aware of what his “Other Adam Lambert Fans” are saying about him. On Twitter, you are only given so many characters to get your point across.

For the record, I am a die-hard Adam Lambert Fan. I’m the first one to defend him if someone is talking bad about Adam Lambert. I will not stand for no one being mean to Adam Lambert. I voted for him on American Idol. Adam is my American Idol winner. As a true Adam Lambert fan, I defended Adam when a James Durbin fan came on my blog and wrote mean things about him. I stopped that person from writing garbage on Adam.  I’ve written several blogs on Adam Lambert on my love for him. I put Adam Lambert on a pedestal with the Late Great Michael Jackson.

For the record, I don’t have to follow Adam Lambert to show him my love and support. Adam has over a million followers, my tweets will probably get lost.  I’m in love with Jackie Jackson from The Jacksons and I’m not following him on Twitter. I’m in love with Sir Charles Barkley, I’m not following him on Twitter. I’m in love with Adam Lambert, I’m not following him on Twitter. I don’t  like to follow a lot of celebrities, I don’t want to get lost in a crowd. I like to interact with people. Adam is entirely too busy to interact with each fan.

For the record, There was no reason to jump to conclusion, I’m not the one to have an issue with. I was simply tweeting another tweeter messages because that person was not aware of the ugly stuff that was being said by “Other Adam Lambert Fans”.

Once again, there’s no need to be upset at me, I’m “Not” the one  whose saying ugly things about Adam. I don’t like hearing or seeing mean and ugly things said about Adam Lambert. This saddens me to read and to hear what “Other Adam Lambert Fans are saying he’s not the same since the new interest Sauli.

For the record, “Other Adam Lambert Fans”  are saying he has changed since he’s been with Sauli. Some fans have said his tweets have changed too not so sweet. I’m not following him so I wanted to know what in the world is going on. I was concerned about what was being said. I was hoping none of this is true about Adam changing. I just can’t imagine Adam  not being sweet to all his fans. It’s on message boards, twitter, and in public.

This is exactly what happened with Rihanna Blasting and Cursing out MTV News Canada and did not read their post. Take time to read what a person writes and if you are confused or don’t understand then ask the person before attacking that person. It’s very simple thing to do. Another example, some fans were upset at Adam Levine for saying “I’m actually am not famaliar with that song and you forced me to like it,”  “I’m sure you probably sung the song better than the original artist” and Adam Lambert came to his defense for fans not to attack him. Levine said the English word “Probably” not that Nakia (The Voice) “Did” sing it better.

For The Record, I wrote several tweets to two people only. Adam Lambert and another tweeter.  I always delete my tweets when I tweet too much. I don’t want my followers to be annoyed with so many tweets. I enjoy following friendly people who are not in the entertainment industry.

For The Record, marriage is further down the road for Adam, right now, fans are waiting for his second album.  For my music knowledge, I believe his album he can go diamond (10 million or more). Adam is the entertainment field and every single celebrity belongs to the public which means their entertainment lives is an open book.

I’m a friendly person, I am not a mean person, however, I am outspoken. I will not apologize for what “Other Adam Lambert Fans” are saying.

As far as Adam Lambert’s other relationship before his new interest Sauli, “Other Adam Lambert Fans” and “I”  adore and  love Adam’s previous love interest. Of course, it’s Adam’s personal life but unfortunately, all celebrities personal life is public. That’s just the way it goes in Hollywood. Hollywood is a very difficult place to have a relationship with someone. Sadly, relationships suffers and ends quickly as it begins. Celebrities travel a lot and they are away from their loved ones. Their lives are like a soap opera. I want Adam happy with whomever he chooses to be with. Fans can’t pick someone they love for him and I’m one of them. I have my favorite person who will always be my favorite person but of course it’s Adam’s personal choice.

It happens all the time in Hollywood for fans who love a certain couple together and fans get heartbroken because they broke up. They became your favorite couple. For example; Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston,  Brad chose Angelina Jolie.

In conclusion, please take time to read this blog before attacking me. I am one of his defenders. If you read my blogs on Adam Lambert then you will see my super love for him. The “Other Adam Lambert Fans” on message boards and in public are the ones that are saying unkind things about Adam’s personality and relationship.

On Twitter,  there is a woman on there calling Adam all out of his name very ugly names.  The same things she is saying on Twitter are the same things I have read and heard.  This is what I was tweeting to the other twitter so. please take time to read, read first. Calling me a “Rude Crazy Bitch. ”  I called Adam Lambert Gorgeous, Hunk Of The Month,  Gorgeous Eyes,  Talented,  The whole package, Up in orbit, Super Hot, Super Talented,  yet I get called a Rude Crazy Bitch, F-ck me, get a life  Wow! All the beautiful posts, blogs, voting for him that I have done to support him I get named called because some people don’t take time out to read first.  As I have stated early Rihanna did the same damn thing,  jump before reading.  Read my blogs, read the comments where I DEFENDED ADAM.



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  1. How can we have a one on one discussion that others can’t read? I’ve been comptiplation how to approach you concerning what I’ve been reading on twitter from some Adam fans.

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