Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper Perform Together (Video)

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Source: MSNBC – MSN – The Scoop – Courtney Hazlett on Today – Kurt Schlosser, entertainment producer.

Posted: Tuesday June 2, 2011 @4:45 pm PST

Video Credit: YouTube-vennytyson

Actor Johnny Depp was having a great time teaming up with rock legend Alice Cooper at a club in London, England.  Fans took pictures and  cheered them on. Depp has a long list of credits which includes his early work on the tv show “21 Jump Street” to  ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.” Depp is tattoos are visible while he plays guitar. Depp has a love for music.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper Perform Together (Video)

  1. I don’t get it Dee Dee why is this such an issue? Is Depp trying to get in music business?

    1. Hey Sharon, Johnny Depp has a love for music, he as done musical films and has performed in his movies and maybe it was a dream come true to perform with a legend..

      Big Hug
      De De

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