Amanda Knox Freed Of Murder (Video Link)

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Posted: Monday October 3, 2011 @ 3:00  PM PST

Topic: Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is freed of murder charges in Italy.  I’m certain a book deal will be in the works followed by a movie deal.  Hollywood must be busy getting ready to cast. Who could play Amanda Knox? I have a feeling Knox will not return to Italy no time soon.


3 thoughts on “Amanda Knox Freed Of Murder (Video Link)

  1. Amanda Knox freed after second trial reveals she and all people connected to this case that were charged are all now free because there is no case against them in the first place. The only people upset now are the people that still do not know or understand how the criminal justice systems work, both here in the states and overseas. Now that they do not have to continue to fret over this case now, maybe now for these unsatisfied-people it might be a great time for those upset with this verdict and Casey Anthony’s verdict to get back to school and get their doctorates now, imo. Ignorance appears bliss for those types of people. Next, these same folks are likely thinking Conrad Murray will be found guilty in his case and will receive four years in prison. Hope their expectations are low enough for themselves because they may again be soon shocked by another dose of reality, imo.

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