Dr. Conrad Murray DID What Every Doctor Knows NOT To Do

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Posted: Thursday October 20, 2011 @ 12:25 am PST

Topic: Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Steven Schafer  testified to 17 different “unconscionable” ways Murray’s treatment could have contributed to the death of the music legend.

A Partial List Of The 17 Ways

Among His Claims Faulting Jackson’s Doctor:

• Murray should not have administered the toxic anesthetic and other dangerous drugs in the singer’s bedroom without proper monitoring equipment.

• Murray should not have attempted to treat insomnia with propofol.

• Murray failed to keep any kind of medical records.

• Murray should not have left the room without another physician watching Jackson.

• Murray incompetently administered CPR by pushing down with one hand on Jackson’s chest, with Jackson still on his bed instead of a hard surface.

• Schafer was particularly indignant that Murray telephoned Jackson’s personal assistant and left a voice mail message long before 911 was called. According to “People.”


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