Actor Jensen Atwood: Video (Sexy Photos and Interview)

I have to give a shout out to Actor Jensen Atwood.  What I love about Jensen is he interact with his fans.  When you read his tweets,  he invites his fans to come see him , say hello and don’t be afraid to approach him…. I just love his work and as a matter of fact I am working on a project with his name on it….  I cannot see anyone else playing the part.  Now here is the thing,  It should be against the law to be so dang fine… Oh Mercy me Jensen has it going on to a dazzling smile,  dimples oh dear! lol lol   Okay!  I am old enough to be his great-grandmother however I know good talent when I see it and talented Jensen is…  I can’t wait to work with him and once again don’t tell him what I said… Shhhhhhh!!!!!  LMAO

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7 thoughts on “Actor Jensen Atwood: Video (Sexy Photos and Interview)

  1. Jensen Atwood is a talented and fine man, that smile and those dimples are to die for! Yes, Ms Tillman I felt I was too old to be having a crush on this man but there is nothing wrong with a harmless crush! I admire him so much for the wonderful person and actor he is! Yes, he’s a man that connects with his fans on the social networks! Yes he is approcable by his fans and I cannot wait for the day I could meet him, It will definitely be a pleasure! I have the honor of being a friend on his personal facebook page as well as his fan page! We also have a fan base page (Bring Back Noah’s Arc where we are fighting for the return of the popular Logo television show “Noah’s Arc” where Jensen is known ! Jensen has my support in all his endeavors!

    1. Hi Norma! My daughter and I also have an online petition to bring back Noah’s Arc, that show should have never been removed, I have watch “Jumping The Broom” so much I know everyones lines lol At the moment I am working on a project and I pray I can get Jensen to participate because, it’s written just for him. I am an Actress / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger…. Let’s get Jensen back on TV where he belong.. Thank you so very much for being here and if you would like for me to do a story on someone, Please let me know

      De De

      Hollyood, California

  2. Just discovered your blog & love it already. You’re talking about two of my favorite stars on your site, Jensen Atwood and Adam Lambert! This is like heaven. A few years ago I would search the internet every day for any thing about Adam, and now I search every day looking for something about Jensen. I’m a great grandmother, but I still love to connect with & support young talented men on their rise to superstardom. Thank you for the nice articles, you’re the bestest!

    1. Ahhh Thank so much for being here, My daughter and I started an petition to get Noah’s Arc back on LOGO as well, I know the feeling, My youngest daughter know Wilson Cruz also from Noah’s Arc. I am so greatful to you for finding my blogs, I live in both Hollywood Califonia and San Francisco. I went to school with Actor Tony Cox of Bad Santa and we are still friends/ Play sister and Brother, Please read ABOUT De De Tillman to learn more about me…. Once again Thank You so Much We can share Adam and Jensen lol


      De De

    2. Hey again Thelma, I forgot to say Congratulations on being a Great Grand Mother, that is truly and honor, age is just a number it’s how you feel, Jensen and Adam are over 18 which means you can look and touch. lol lol They are both extremely talented and so darn HANDSOME…yummy… lol

      Big Hug
      De De
      Hollywood California

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