Freddie Jackson Weight Loss (Video Link)

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Updated Blog Source:  The Mo’Nique Show – BET – S2S Magazine – Sonya Eskridge

Video Credit: BET

Updated Post: Sunday August 14, 2011 @ 12:05 pm PST

Topic: Freddie Jackson

Singer Freddie Jackson has reported that he has lost weight to avoid a lot of diseases such as diabetes,  fans are concern and pray that the singer is not ill.  Congratulations to Freddie Jackson for taking control of his health before it takes control of him..

According to S2S Magazine Freddie told S2S, ” though, that nothing could be further from the truth. “Why can’t a Black man just lose weight without having to die of AIDS or having a kidney problem?” he asked when told about all the hearsay.

“I don’t have a kidney problem. Freddie Jackson just went on a diet,” said Freddie, who wanted to slim down in order to avoid ailments like diabetes. “I am healthy. I just went on a diet.”


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  1. Ok I must really love you Freddie because I have to start over. Ok my name is Sherry in Louisville KY. I am a diabetic, also person with bi-polar. And I’m a 10yr recovering alcoholic. I use to weigh 89 pds and I’ve lost all of my family that died from diabetics and not one weighed a 100 pds. I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s all kind of things going on in people’s lives that is none of no-one elses dog on business. I have a gay daughter whom I could love no less. I don’t care what you are you turn me on boy that voice especially you and Melba Moore. Don’t give up even though I’m not working and can’t afford a concert here in Louisville, Ky I bet those kids had better send mom to that concert. I love you and Melba and don’t give up because I know God is going to let me see you.

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